New player - Greetings everyone!

Hey everyone!
I’m Amybug but most people call me Amy.
I’m a huge fan of MMOs and recently fell in love with ARPGs. I’ve played quite a bit of Diablo 3 and a tiny bit of PoE. Saw Grim Dawn on sale so decided to check it out and I’m impressed with the gameplay so far!
I do stream on Twitch and will probably start streaming Grim Dawn as well!
Looking forward to playing more and checking out the community builds.
I’m interested in ranged and/or strong pet classes.

Welcome to the game and to the forum. :slight_smile:

Check out pet builds by Maya and sigatrev.

Hello Amy,welcome to Grim Dawn!

Well welcome to the community. What pet would sound appealing to you? A doggy + raven? Big wood-bear-thingy? Tons of skeletons with various weapons? Some hot as frick empyrion bois? Flying blades that somehow are sentient? Grim dawn has a lot of pet. Not only for each class, but also devotion pets which are cool too.

Welcome :)!

For Pets any Combo of Occultist, Necromancer or Shaman is good choice (but there are other options too). Most beginner friendly are probably Conjurer (Occultist/Shaman) or Cabalist (Occultist/Necro). One hint: Pet resistances are just as important as pet damage stats :P.

For ranged with a weapon i’d always go with Inquisitor and then either Demolitionist (Fire), Shaman (Lightning), Nightblade (Pierce) or Soldier (Phys).

For ranged spells almost every class has something to offer except Soldier (who still can be a good choice as the second class though; there’s a lot of generally good stuff in Soldier.)

Whatever you do: Focus on one damage type, try to cap your resistances before you enter Ultimate and don’t neglect offensive and defensive ability - many newbies tend to overlook them, but they are very impactful.

K, 'nuff :D.

Welcome and have fun!

Yo welcome , i hope you’ll enjoy your day here

Newbie here too! Grim Dawn is awesome, I just love exploring this amazing fantasy world

Welcome to GD newbies (Amy/TinyVM), hope you have many hours of slaying everything that moves!

If you need any help with builds check out the forum starter builds and once you get a bit of experience; some of the lovely builds from the very clever theory-crafters.

Shout if you need anything, always happy to help.

oh my goodness, those all sound super exciting… I will have to look them all up and figure out which one matches my playstyle. I tend to play aggressive and wouldn’t mind one with the most survivability.

It has been quite a while since I did a pet build. There are invincible pets, like strong and muscly worshippers of the god of light, empyrion. Well, basically spirits from humans presumably, but they’re still our pets. There are also many items that give you the ability to summon pets you cannot find in your skilltree or devotion skilltree (For example a pet named nemesis (Not to be confused with the enemy type). Big spiny blue lion, and also invincible). And yeah, with a fitting build most pets are tanky, or don’t get into harms way. There is a command which you can use to redirect pets, which is important in case they stand like idiots in a big circle of poisonous garbage. Every character can use this command.