new player help

I want to know what class best for new player? Because I don’t understand this game at all.

if you are just looking to learn the game and bosses mechanics I’d suggest Occultist. Sigil of Consumption can easily carry you through most of normal playthrough. The best way to play this is rush to Sigil, put 12 points in sigil. Then rush the mastery bar to Destruction and max it. Put 3 points in Curse of fraility and max Vulnerability. I usually then max blood of dreeg
If you do this you will be around level 28. You will be carried by the skill and don’t need any specific gear…
Concentrate on picking up gear with Life, resists & defensive ability and offensive ability. Pay attention to the bosses and unique enemies skill sets.
After killing act 4 boss you can then decide if you want to play something else or continue with a sigil build.
You will have aquired some knowledge of the game and a little bit of gear and items for your next character.
Also if you are new don’t play on veteran as there’s no real point of it. Just makes the 1st playthrough a little more difficult. Personally I like to get through 1st 2 difficulties as fast as I can, so I never play veteran.
Here’s a little video of the build I told you killing the Act 4 boss with 27 skill points not used and 27 attribute points not used. With pretty crappy gear. I beat all of act 4 that way as I was holding the points for inquisitor class.

im new to the game

i wanted to know if there is any way to see a point by point build ?

all the build linked whit fully points on them alrdy
and i dont knoo where to spend the points each lvl


Your best bet for that are the detailed builds that some of the players here post. After you get used to playing, it starts coming naturally. You’ll eventually look at an endgame build and have a rough idea all the steps that go into it.

I would advise you to just relax and enjoy your first character. Take a look at the skills yourself in game and start doing your own theory crafting. You will make more characters!

Read some of the excellent material that is available for new players. I recommend starting here:

What build?
if you are asking about the sigil build i was talking aboot
first 10 points in skill bar
next 12 points in sigil
next 15 points in skill bar
next 12 points in Destruction
next 3 points in Curse of Fraility
Next 10 points in Vulnerability

From here is where you can make different choices.
I usually max out Blood of Dreeg for the Offensive Ability
Or you can put 15 more points in skill bar and then max out Doom Bolt
Or you can pick up your 2nd mastery

As for attribute points, only use them if you need to equip an item. Then after act four Put like 20 in physique. After this point always keep like 10 to 20 attribute points unused. That way you can have some if you need to use them to equip a badass item that dropped.

Also make use of Component skills like Fireblast or Poison Bomb. As you can use these against bosses while waiting for sigil to come of cooldown.