New Player Here

Hi guys, I recently bought Grim Dawn (a few hours ago) and I don’t know which class to choose between Arcanist & Shaman.

Which one is better solo ? And which mastery should i choose ?

Also keep in mind this is my first time playing Grim Dawn and would love some beginner builds for those two classes.


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Welcome to the game and to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

GD works as a two masteries make a class so Shaman/Arcanist will make a Druid as a class. You choose one mastery at L2 and the second at L10 or later, depending on how you want to play.

You’ll find some beginner builds here

Welcome in Cairn

Also, can one play for example a pure Shaman ? Or do you really need two classes ?

In the beginning of the game is usually good strategy to focus around one class/one main attacking skill.

But at level 40 or 50 it’s vital to use mastery points from second class.Also difficulty increases and you start to need the skills from the second class.So Shaman only is not sound option.

You can pair it with different classes.I recommend Inquisitor. :slight_smile:

You can, but you need a good knowledge of the game to succeed at it plus good gear to use. You miss out on a lot of attribute bonuses by not taking a second mastery.

You can but it is always helpful to pick a second class. You get lots of stats and synergy skills.

We have one documented Shaman build from last September. Having said that, GD’s default is to play with a dual-class build.

Hey man, I just bought the game about an hour ago myself. Started playing Hardcore so if you’re playing Hardcore too then maybe we could play together some time!