New Player in need of guidance for the Intro Build?

I have watched some YouTubers give End Game Builds for Dual Wield Purifier. Still into this game for only 30hrs. I am still lost with the Intro Build.
Chose a skill went with it till realized Canister Bomb was too slow. The other was dual wield and not 2 handed gun.

My problem is simply if I had to choose Inquisitor or Demolitionist. Hard part is skill point spending, an example is spend 20 to to Canister Bomb 1 point or Inquisitor Dual Wield and spellword.
The goal has been to become a Dual Wield Purifier.
Also I am doing this Hardcore Veteran.
Right as of this moment I was not lied to about the Community being helpful to a new player.

Don’t miss understand me if you’re a Developer. I came to Grim Dawn for the creative build environment. I don’t need it simplified. Just as a heads up!

Have a look at this :slight_smile: [] Budget Lightning DW Ranged Purifier read also the build diary that x1x1x1x2 did, it is linked in the beginning of that thread

I would suggest that you play softcore first, on normal, just to learn about the game mechanics and monster interactions etc.

As a new player I would recommend you start on normal, because specifically after the newest patch veteran has really become a difficulty where you need to know what you’re doing
Your choice for HC makes me scratch my head in a similar manner

You can respec pretty much everything in this game so you can choose something and then do something else for your endgame build
I would recommend going for something like Fire Strike as your first main skill, at least you’ll need a spammable main skill, FS is an example
Max it before taking any other skills and put one out of 3 points in the mastery
Also don’t dual class until lvl 50
Keep a close eye on your hp and resistances as well

Edit: lol, mala was being helpful at the same time

Thank you. I do look forward to reading. Is this still valid for

You should not concern yourself about such things as a new player. You have other things to worry about

I will keep that in mind then.

I am going to read from all. Any advice to read is except enjoyable as long as it helps. Thank you!

This guide might help you here and there too 🤯 malawiglenn’s guide on game mechanics for beginners I am working on a “10 tips for beginners guide” but I need to do some small updates for my own beginner builds (☄ Collection of malawiglenn's Beginner Friendly builds )later this week when the hotfix has been released (it concerns some damage conversions on some belts and a medal…)

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The reason for is I was wondering if they have nerfed anything? That is why I was concerned.

I assume 2 handed weapons are still okay?

They nerf and buff things basically all the time. Do not concern your self with such things now. The beginner builds are … builds for beginners, they will still do what they are “supposed” to do.

I can only speak for my self, but having spent like 10hours on each guide and then trying to keep them updated for each patch is just… an incredible amount of work for what? basically nothing :stuck_out_tongue:
Unless there is something severe like “oh this medal now gives this kind of conversion, use this or this medal instead”

I understand, but skill updates are important when they say they are improving them.
I like the party worked at the guide. When you say Ranged are you referring to crossbows?

Who has said anything about improving skills and where?

Where did I write “ranged” in this thread?

Where is the party? :beer:

Ranged playstyle is not very popular at the moment and one can argue is weakest.
Nery - mentioned

Ranged is with guns and rifle/crossbows.

Endgame oriented, they are a bit weaker than their melee counterparts but its not like it is impossible to make good ranged char. Just because it is the weakest playstyle does not mean it bad (something has to be strongest/weakest anyway so)

As a beginner, you should focus on what playstyles you think is fun and then take it as far as you can and learn as much about the game as possible. When I started GD, “everyone” and their grandma played summoners since they where OP, but I hate summoners so …

In the beginning, you will be limited by your knowledge and item pool. The reason you will not get to Shattered Realm 50 with your first build in 50 hours is not because the build structure is not good, it is because you don’t know how to make builds, playing them and having proper gear for them.

I have played my share of games as well, and written ones with C#, C, and C++. In the end that is not the point.
I have been up late for hours on games too, again no point.
The point is clear. I have wasted your time. Your guide is either going to be updated which it hasn’t.
I am going to read them even though.

If there is a flat damage number on any piece of gear, from passive skills, toggle skills or from devotion node - it will contribute to your weapon damage only i.e. not on spells/skills that lacks weapon damage (like Trozan Skyshard and Judgment).


i.e. and Examples

What is a Trozan Skyshard and Judgment?

can you ask the questions you have in the appropriate thread, using the quote function for the relevant section/text? As you are proficient in the C languages, I am sure that you can figure out how a forum works.

Just as with the Purifier guide that Nery made. Why are you asking ME what I mean by ranged? :stuck_out_tongue:

Clearly I need someone who is calm about this. Thank you very little. Have a good day.

How hard is it to reply in the relevant thread? xD