New Player LF Caster Build

Hello! I just started again today with a friend and I ended up picking Arcanist/Occultist. I wanted a caster type that did Elemental damage and I think I messed up in picking Occultist. I have GD Defiler so I could change it, which is fine with me but I’m not sure to what.

Any tips would be appreciated!!

You could use shaman , many lightning stuff +great survivavibility.

That would be quite cool! Now the question is if I want to focus on the Magic Missile spell (I forget the name right now), Wind Devil, and Storm Totem, how would I go about doing this and filling in support spells too like Mogdregen’s? I’ve never known how many points to put in. I see builds with just one point in things but surely that can’t be enough while leveling

Mordreggen’s should be last to take .Focus on arcanist to have enough damages (evaluate by yourself) and then switch to shaman .

1 point to unlock mordroggen and 1 point in each synergies , then max wind devils (first) then storm totem.

second masterie is important but the most important is the main mastery which is the core of the build.

Okay good. So I can use the Missile spell as my main damage spell with passives right? What about Sky Shard or anything with Aether damage? Would that be spreading myself too thin?

Stay on the missile.Aether is mostly used with aether ray .Up to you.

Druid (Arcanist+Shaman) focuses on Lightning/Cold damage, Trozan’s Shard fit perfectly and have nice support in items.
You can go as Warlock (Arcanist+Occultist) as well focusing on Aether Ray converting damage to Chaos or even stay with missiles. Check Build Compendium Warlocks and make something that appeals you.

Here’s what I think I want to go with. This character really only plays with 2-3 other people and right now on Veteran, I’m really strong but I did in only a couple hits. I’m trying to remedy it by getting Defensive devotion points but I’m still so squishy. But anyway, any tips would be appreciated!

For elemental I would go Demo or Shaman, nothing wrong with using Occ for Vitality though :wink:

Thanks! Any suggestions for my build I posted above?

I don’t play these kinds of builds, but I can give you a few general pointers:

-You can incorporate %weapon damage to your Panetti’s Replicating Missile by assigning a devotion to it with %weapon damage. This can be useful in the long run considering the sheer amount of useful stuff that can proc from %weapon damage attacks.
In your case, may I suggest Blizzard (from Amatok, Spirit of Winter) which does cold damage, has a crowd control effect and shares similar requirements with Tree of Life.

-Because most of your damage will be coming from non-weapon damage nukes, it is important that you work on improving your +%damage using +%elemental buffs and debuffs. In this respect, Nullification (a powerful debuff) can be a much more useful tool for increasing your DPS against mobs with good elemental resists (and there will be quite a few of these).

-Mental Alacrity is nice but not so much given how precious few your remaining points are. You are really much better off sinking those points into Inner Focus for the Spirit increase/increased crit rate. A crit is basically a universal damage multiplier so they’re particularly important to you.

-Pay attention to skill bonus growth with levels. Star Pact, for example, gives you the most bang for your back at levels 1-12 (+10% damage per point). Since you’ll probably be using a few +arcanist skills items you can keep adjusting the skill level so it stays at level 12, and use those extra points elsewhere. Nullification is similar.

-You have no pets (the Wind Devil and the totem scale with player bonuses) so skip constellations like Shepherd’s Crook.

-Pay attention to constellations that boost your offensive ability/crit rate or elemental damage, you’ll find quite a few of them as you work your way up towards Amatok and the Tree of Life. If none are available, pick defensive constellations.

-The standard practice with Mogdrogen’s Pact (for point-starved builds) is to leave the main skill at level 1 and max Heart of the Wild. Ignore Oak skin.
You can then subtract points from Heart of the Wild if you feel those points are better used elsewhere.

Lol for not playing these builds you sure know a lot! Thank you! Would you mind explaining the %weapon damage mechanic with Panetti’s?

General game mechanics mostly remain the same no matter what build you use.

Basically, the %weapon damage stat allows you to apply bonuses like attack damage converted to health, flat damage boosts from items (like +x cold damage or +x frostburn damage, without the percent) and various other effects to your attacks. These are bonuses that are normally only applied through basic weapon attacks - think of %weapon damage as a fraction of a basic attack.

Some skills like Callidor’s Tempest have an innate +%weapon damage stat but Panetti’s Replicating Missiles does not. One way to get around that is to attach a devotion skill with the %weapon damage stat to it.
I suppose you could also just whack a monster with your weapon, but I assume that you’d rather just spam Panetti’s at range than do that.

I’m still confused I think. So slotting a skill into Panetti’s from the Devotion tree will make it deal damage based off of %weapon damage?

You could say that your Panetti’s now has a %weapon damage effect thanks to devotion skill procs, assuming good proc rate (and you already have spammage on your side).
It really doesn’t matter that the %weapon damage is not innate to Panetti’s considering how you NEED to cast Panetti’s to activate that devotion skill.

Treating the two skills separately on really matters if we’re discussing skill-specific modifiers. For all other intents and purposes, you can treat the devotion skill as a bonus effect of Panetti’s.