New Player, Need Build Help (Death Knight)

Got myself to about level 20 so far just pumping points into random stuff in Soldier. I’m not dying to mobs, but it is taking forever to grind since I only have a single target attack (Cadence) at the moment. Was wondering if there is a recommended leveling build to get my Death Knight going. Had random people join my game that were my level and just ran around blowing everything up with AoEs which made me jealous. Any tips, tricks, builds, or links would be highly appreciated. On a side note, my character name in game is Lateralus in case you see me on and want to play. :slight_smile: Playing via Steam.

If you’re playing Soldier, Forcewave and Blade Arc are both good for levelling. Just keep in mind that FW scales with casting speed if you decide to swap to it.

Thanks for the quick feedback. Will check it out now!

I went a different route on my DK and loving it. Since we are dealing with two damage types (aether and physical), blade arc, blitz, force wave, cadence do not work with aether damage. I only put a few points into blitz and cadence and put everything else into reactive skills. Maxed out siphon souls (with sear souls), field command, squad tactics, harbinger of souls, mehnirs will, spectral binding and spectral wrath, spread the rest of the points into reaping strike, necrotic edge, mark of torment, markovian advantage, zholens technique, war cry, break morale, fighting spirit, counter strike, blitz, blindside, cadence, fightning form, deadly momentum, military conditioning, decorated soldier, scars of battle.

In battle, my primary skills are siphon souls, blitz, cadence and warcry, plus any auras I have running.

Try and get “All Skills” gear along with “All Damage” gear but focus when able on Aether damage.

Devotions, Rattosh, Behemoth, and Kraken.

I am using 2 hander all the way. Currently L100. Very fun build, I can kill everything but Mogdrogen and Ravager. Only tried Mogdrogen a few times and got him down to 30%.

At L30 try and get the Soul Splitter 2 handed axe and get the Mythical version at L84. Also, use Convert physical to aether damage weapons and augments.

Here is the link to my DK.

Currently going with this setup:

It’s some watered down version of some build I found in this forum. Please check the alternative weapon slot, as I am going 99% two-handed. Unfortunately I don’t have any fancy gear, because it just does not drop for me.
Character is currently in Malmouth Ultimate.

Thanks for the suggestions. Went with a 2H Forcewave build which made everything fast up until the end of A4 into A5. Just finished the game at level 50 and I’m going to start Elite tomorrow. Might try some new builds out potentially as I was started to get destroyed and the force wave isn’t just wrecking everything like it was earlier on.

Forcewave will keep wrecking, you can switch at 94 when you can equip Krieg set for smooth transition to Cadence & Blitz

Just having a hard time picking what skills to max after the Forcewave stuff is done. Also not sure what I should prioritize after physical damage % and casting speed.