New player need endgame build to finally start play the game

i just come back to grim dawn and looking for a build that can clear the hole content.

i was looking around for build but couldn`t really find anything or was not sure if its now outdated.

so please tell me what builds are the for the current patch that can clear the hole content and farm easy and quick in endgame content.

i like:
-survivability (between glass canon and Tank)
-high damage
-melee to short range combat
-more then 1 button build if possible
-some nice effects while playing

i don`t like
-pet builds (1 pet max)
-i dont like to kite around, a bit of movement is ok i dont want to facetank too

i also have no max lvl char, i have no set or legendary gear,so i need a build that grows as i farm and also be possible to farm in without gear.

the problem is that all the build i found are like 2 month -1 year old and there have been so many patches and changes in this time.

i found these 2 from last patch are they still working? are there better build out there?
i like the playstyle with the mines

please help me out to finally start playing the game instead of looking for a build all day.


I could also recommend the cadence physical commando I posted but I will have to update it after the incoming patch 0.8 which will nerf soldier and in turn any mastery combination with soldier that uses physical damage

You like melee to close range but don’t want to facetank. :rolleyes:

I assume you want some assassin-like who can burst down close range very fast? So, I recommend you to play Blademaster, Spellbreaker, Sabotuer and Elementalist.

About your video, Infernal Knight Commando and Warborn are still good.(But I don’t know how much new patch will affect soldier-based build. I’ve low experience in soldier tho)

There’re many builds those can clear entire end-game content, but gear farming is fastest in Crucible DLC. It is recommend to play in party for fast speed clearing, low-risk and learn other build from people. That’s the fastest way to learn&loot.

is there a build out there where i can constantly fear,blind or freez enemys and then kill them with demolitionist? or is this not possible in the game or would this even work in engame against bosses ?

and how bad you think will the nerf be for the soldier ?

  1. Most of bosses and 100% of nemesis are immune to this.
  2. Even with the further nerf solder still will be op


this build is still viable as I used it as a starting character:

you will be able to craft/buy (reputation vendors) useful gear and this will allow you to farm up in regular play. At this time I can facetank nemesis(was not possible until you farm up all gear as OP), but I do need to keep up with casting buffs and debuffs while attacking with left click so its not a boring playstyle as a mistake can get you killed quickly.

I have only ran it once in crucible and got to lvl 89 on the 2nd difficulty. Probably can get to gladiator if I actually play smart.

Jajaja 's tri element saboteur (the one kelsier just linked) is probably the one that fits the closest to your expectations.

It has good survivability, good damage potential, good Crowd control and doesn’t require perfect gear to be fun and farm content, along with requiring a bit of smart play and timing at times to ensure you do not get overwhelmed.

I liked it a lot of the time. I think the guide is still mostly relevant in

Fear : can affect most mobs, but no for bosses. Only few things have fear as a grant skill. you can skipped this.

Blind : This game work like Fumble(Melee) and Impair Aim(Range). It can affect bosses and nemesis. Reliable CC.
Easiest way to get is from Searing Light(Demo-Flashbang) and Circle of Slaughter(Nightblade-Ring of Steel)

Freeze : can affect most mobs(but about some of big creatures have resistance againts freeze - Flesh hulk, chillmane), bosses have 100% freeze resistance. To freeze them you must use something to -x% freeze resistance(like Night’s Embrace amulet skill).
Arcanist-Olexra Flash Freeze
Nightblade-Ring of Frost (transmuter of Ring of Steel)

Right now any soldier/cadence build seems like the ‘go to’ for a melee build. I’ve played around with a LOT of builds and my cadence blademaster remains the most OP with 15k health, maxed resists, and 51k damage output.

For a new player I recommend witchblade, blademaster, or commando. Any of those are survivable AKA ‘are soldiers’ and have good damage output, usually through physical and cadence.

Fumble/Impair aim seems to be the best CC to me based on my testing. All the roots, slows, and fear are resisted by bosses and nemeses making them effectively useless.

and fumble is not resisted by bosses as well ?

I’m a newbie too, but right now I have a Witch Hunter focusing on Solael’s Witchblade and Sigil of Consumption, it seems to be working really well. I’ve been grabbing purely defensive skills from Nightblade (Veil of Shadow, Shadow Dance, Phantasmal Armor, Blade Barrier) and the game has been pretty easy.
Since it’s been my first playthrough, I’ve had plenty of “surprise” deaths, but I’ve always killed whatever it was the second time around since I knew what was coming.
I grabbed Wendigo in the Constellations, it helps a ton. I’ve been putting 2/3 attribute points into physique and 1/3 into spirit for a nice mix of damage and tankiness. With Veil of Shadow, Shadow Dance, and my physique, most monsters have ~60% chance to hit me; that plus my defenses and Sigil of Consumption makes me nearly invulnerable to anything less than a Hero.

Just thought I’d share since I’m a newbie too and it’s working well for me. :slight_smile:

I’m also like this guy in some way and have spent the past 8 or so hours just today looking at videos and builds and I keep going to yours because I like the way it looks and I feel like my friends and family that play don’t use shields and I want to utilize that. The thing that has kept me from using your build though is that you don’t have a leveling guide on where to put points or what factions (or whatever they are called) to choose like I’ve seen some other builds I was interested in. It’s more about I don’t want to feel overwhelmed on what to do, where to put points etc. etc. It helps me perfect my gear, playstyle and overall fun not worrying so much on where to put points. Hopefully you’ll look into maybe adding in a quick leveling guide and I personally would greatly appreciate it if you did because I will still end up playing your build I just hope I end up choosing the right skills to grab first as well as understanding the Devotion tree. P.S. Yes I am new and I don’t want to mess up half way through a build or die too much because I will feel like I’m just bad at the game, I’m quite the perfectionist and its a disease.

I thought there was not enough points to make a cadence blademaster viable. My first character is a blademaster but guide was outdated and I felt lost and so started a different toon. Do you have a link for this build? or can point me in right direction?