New player on Veteran - vanilla or all DLCs?

Hi guys,

I am levelling my physical forcewave atm and it is a very nice experience - thanks for advice!

My question now is - shall I play through all DLCs on Veteran or jus vanilla campaigne to unlock elite and play all there?


For a first playthrough it’s best to do the expansions so you get a feel for what you could run into on later difficulties and it also starts you gaining rep with new factions. Smoothest progression is GD - AoM - FG.

Cheers Medea!

I don’t know if you remember me from good old TQIT days, I was quite active back then, participating in all the challenges along with my daughter :smiley:

Also as Jacko…or Jacek maybe…damn memory…old age :wink:


Yes, I do. The challenges are still there, though I haven’t managed to do much of them lately.

I got so burnt out on TQ, but my daughter is playing it now a little along with minecraft :smiley: I might be actually coming back for all-yellow challenge!

you will miss reputation if you do not do quests in normal/veteran

ok, cheers!