[New player] Recommended builds?


I am about to get the game and have done some research, like I do with all games. I really like to be prepared when I play games like this, so I plan ahead. Are there any powerful builds that you guys can recommend? What are currently the “best” builds out there?

A lot of question, I know xD! I hope to get some answers from you guys to help me out here^^

Many thanks in advance!



first you need to tell us what kind of char you prefer playing

full melee, melee/caster, caster, summons… etc

then people will have an easier time helping you…

Personally, I prefer that you play through the story first, feel the game, the lore… everything… Just to realize how awesome GD is

then follow a guide

But it’s your choice :slight_smile:

I like anything really… I’ve seen the stormstriker build on the forums; it uses primal strike and some kind of lightning ability. That looks like a lot of fun… but I don’t know how good it is. I hate investing time into something that’s average at best… >_<

Google these builds-

Plaguemancer by “WolfoverclockGames”
I had this build for a while almost all items he fors into. Fun and easy to beat Ultimate, only character I’ve had that could kill John Borbon quest, struggles will be some of the nemesis bosses

Ultimate phantasmal blades by Ninex written up by Tridord
Another easy street build I couldn’t kill John Borbon with it though and nemesis still challenging. Items hard to find

Currently making a sabateur by “unretired”
Level 57 now about to start elite, pretty fun thus far and I have yet to fet any of the items in his video.

The first two couldn’t touch Mogdrogen in ultimate maybe the sabateur will if I get all the items