New Player - Shaman/Occultist

  1. So as a Shaman/Occultist, where should I be allocating the majority of my attribute points? Spirit?
  2. Also, what stats should I be looking for in my gear?
  3. Any tips on how I should be allocating my points when I level up? I guess I shouldn’t just put all my points into that bottom bar that gives me more base stats?

Any other tips? I played Diablo 3 a lot before. I am brand new to Grim Dawn (level 13) and I am very excited to play! The game has been super exciting so far!

Pretty much dump every stat points into Physique. Mastery bar of Shaman and Occultist will get you the Spirit and Cunning points needed to able to equip everything.

Depending on the build you go with and the completion bonuses on crafting some items, you can get away with few points into Spirit. Most builds you do want to dump most of your points into Physique for more HP and DA. My summoner managed 720 Spirit with only 12 points put into it. AAR is one of the few builds that needs as much spirit as possible.