New player with a build question or two

Hello everyone, I just recently picked this game up after getting somewhat bored of Path of Exile, waiting for the new leagues, so far everything is great fun.

Although, when I made my character a few days ago I was really in a hurry to start playing and didn’t really take enough time to check out the different masteries, I picked arcanist as my first and at level 10 I took occultist.

So far, I put practically everything in the arcanist tree because after looking at occultist a bit more I couldn’t find stuff that would go well with my spell caster I was trying to make. Perhaps I missed things.

All of this to come to my only real question, considering I want to clear all the game’s content with this first character, did I mess up? Can arcanist/occultist clear the hardest content well? Not putting any more points than the 1 mastery point I have in occulist would be an option.

Sorry for the wall of text and thanks in advance for any information.

Warlock seems like a pretty strong class combo. Would recommend sinking enough points into Occultist to get Vulnerability (probably only one point in Curse of Frailty itself, though) for the resist debuff. Lowering resists is a very powerful tool. I suppose it depends on what Arcanist skills you’re taking (and what Devotions you plan on getting - might make CoF/Vuln redundant, idk). I haven’t really heard anything bad about Arcanist/Occultist. I would imagine with the right gear most builds can clear Ultimate, assuming they’re not absolute garbage to begin with, but I’m not really a good judge of what’s garbage and what’s not (yet, I’m getting better at it though).

This is a current Warlock Aether/Chaos build floating around the forums that looks solid. Easily capable of clearing all content and going far in crucible.

First things first: If you consider those few sentences a “wall of text” then you seem to have made bad experiences. That’s not a wall of text.

Appart from that there’s several ways of making your character work.
You could do a solely elemental damage build with Panetti’s Replicating Missile, using Vulnerability to reduce the enemy’s resistance and using the buff from your raven to further enhance the damage you deal.
You could do a pet build and use the transmuter of your Iskandra’s Elemental Exchange to increase your pets’ elemental damage.
You could also do a chaos/vitality/fire damage build or even mix in aether damage, like that build that Desk pop linked.

I guess I would go with the latter because it’s got better synergies and gives more options; plus it’s arguably the more interesting build to play.
I’m not sure though if I could recommend that exact build that Desk pop posted - it seems a bit excentric to me and probably isn’t the right thing for a beginner.

Thanks for the answers guys, I’m starting to get the feel of this character, been using PRM mostly with flash freeze for crowd control, trying to get some of the occultist stuff now. Thinking I’ll just wing it and see how well it does, so far everything melts. Or I do, but that’s another matter :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been putting a lot of points into spirit, 27 points to be exact, I heard that’s not too good? Putting it all into physique now, hopefully it’s fine.

Well, with that mastery combo you shouldn’t have to put (many) points in spirit as the mastery bars provide enough of it and the Inner Focus skill gives you a simple way to increase your spirit stat.
27 points is a lot, so, yes, I feel that you should plan on putting more points into physique.
Most importantly because physique requirements are much bigger than spirit requirements, even for a pure caster build; you can’t get around that.
Additionally, of course, points in physique make your character more tanky; and you will most probably want that.

Yea, I am putting everything into physique now. Honestly idk what I was even thinking, coming from d2 and poe I should have known getting the health stat is super important, but owell, atleast I realised before level 70 :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, actually I usually only spend attribute points when I need to, so that I don’t accidentally mess up my build.
So I would suggest you at least keep some in case that e.g. you wanna equip that awesome item but don’t yet have the stats for it.