New Player With Build Questions

As a long time player of Diablo 2 and very disappointed with Diablo 3 I was ecstatic to find this game, and so far I have been absolutely loving it! I have just a couple hours in now but as I plan to rack up hundreds more I would like to make sure my first build is a decent one that I won’t have to remake…

 I have been following this build guide:

as it tells me exactly what to do each level and seems to be fairly powerful. I am nearing level 20 now and just want to get some second opinions on it.

:confused: Do you guys think this build is still viable in the current patch or will be with updates to come?
:confused: Do you beleive it is a simple enough build that a new player like myself will be able to understand it?
:confused: Can this build beat the game on the hardest difficulty and still be potent enough to farm with?

:smiley: Thanks in advance for any and all responces! :smiley:

It seems like a solid build, however, you’re perhaps better off going with a melee character for your first build (I may be wrong, though).

Here’s one which has proven to be stupidly powerful, even with recent nerfs, and immensely fun to play. In addition, this build doesn’t require quite as many rare legendary items as most 1st tier builds do.

Note that the build posted above is not reccommended for HC.
If you’re interested in HC, you could try a 2h Warder (shaman+soldier). It’s stupidly good and not very gear dependent. Just my 2 cents.

For first char I probably would recommend anything with soldier (by far the strongest mastery hands down) if hardcore.

Although arcanist’s OFF skill makes it ideal for a first char item farmer since this clears whole screens of stuff, allowing you to rush through the game to ultimate to get those epics/legs from exalted stashes to build “proper” characters later. I’d say a fire-based battlemage with OFF would sound good.

I also have a trozan druid (but I see no point in not taking star pact over stormcaller’s) with similar skill sets, albeit with more offensive devotions. But I’d say as far as impressiveness goes the build is rather ok, instead of being insanely good, even with full Trozan’s set. The DPS (now, I’m talking about not just game-clearing DPS, but nemesis hunting DPS) is simply not there when your main skill TSS has cooldown, and both wind devil and storm totem have summon limits.

That’s a very interesting build. I usually don’t see Shaman-based builds that aren’t going to go melee (especially not two-handed melee).

I don’t have the expertise/experience to be able to glance at this and answer your questions perfectly but there’s nothing that got nerfed in the versions to make this build no longer effective as far as I know.

Just at a glance survivality shouldn’t be too much of an issue with the shaman side and maiven’s and mirror all at once. Damage output would have been my main question about this build – nothing about it jumps out to me and screams high damage, but it seems to get the job done just fine. That would be the part where you might struggle a bit though is just doing enough damage to take things down quickly enough.

It looks like a very dynamic build with both wendigo and storm totems to worry about, TSS, OFF, wind devils, even a briarthorn but just for its aura. That’s a lot to think about all at once and I wouldn’t think it’s the most beginner-friendly build out there at the very least. The easiest build to me to play involving shaman is often just primal strike and savagery late game where you bash stuff to bits with lightning, but I think you could make this work or at least with some tweaks (the arcanist/shaman mastery levels I think are fine and you have lots of leeway).