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Just looking for a bit of guidance/info on Grim Dawn before jumping in, I was a big Diablo 2 fan and for some reason this game has slipped by under the radar for quite some time, had no idea this was even a thing ever since D2 died off and the mess that is D3 was released.

Just a few questions if anyone wouldn’t mind answering, much appreciated!

  1. Is Grim Dawn the same ssytem as D2 when it comes to creating/joinning public games etc, creating open duel games as well?

2.What character would you recommend a new player starts with?

  1. Any useful tips I should know to help the levelling journey?

  2. How is the crafting systen and loot system? same way Diablo 2 had it? i.e. completely random stat generator for item drops which mean’t if you were lucky enough the potential was there to loot godlike drops and same for crafting amulets/rings?


Welcome to the forum. :slight_smile: I’ll try to answer your questions, but I’m not that familiar with D2.

  1. GD is mainly a single player game with some multiplayer added on. There are no closed servers for the game.

  2. Anything with Soldier is pretty good, but pairing it with Shaman may be the best choice if you just have the base game. If you get the Ashes of Malmouth expansion then a Death Knight (Soldier/Necromancer) is a good starting character. GD has a dual mastery makes class combo system so not pre-selected as in D2. Also a class can be played in many different ways. See the build compendiums here

BC V is for those who don’t have the Ashes of Malmouth expansion, BC X for those who do.

  1. Explore everywhere and break anything that’s breakable. Hang on to scrap, components, ancient hearts, tainted brain matter, etc, as they’re used for cleansing some shrines and also for crafting.

  2. GD is RNG based, but drops are pretty good. Some bosses have their own specific loot drops.

It’s also worth checking out the New Player Knowledge Compendium. It’s a bit outdated, but still packs a ton of useful info. When playing the game for the first time, it’s well worth it to just jump in and roll with whatever you like best. You can’t really go wrong with anything in Normal/Veteran difficulty. If you hit a wall, respeccing your skills and devotions is cheap and there is even an option for resetting your atribute points. Plus, you can always ask for build advice here and people will help you out. :slight_smile:

Considering your last question, I’d say the general opinion is that GD has a generous and diverse loot system. The crafting system has a lot of useful options that complement the loot well. It’s a bit of pita to use though. :rolleyes:

Edit: Welcome to the forum (and the game if you so choose)! :slight_smile:

Hi, Thanks for the info! I will be buying the base game first to check it out plus it’s on a steam sale so ideal time to buy it and see what it’s like!

Thanks! Will check out the guide stuff for sure and character wise I will probably just pick any one and go with the flow.

Much appreciated for the info folks!

I don’t work for Crate so it’s a genuine advice lol: get AoM right away. If you liked D2 and hated D3 you’re gonna love GD and there’s no doubt about that. And AoM introduces a whole new level of components and augments without which buildcrafting would seem quite impossible these days.

I just want to expand on this because it’s even more true than you’d expect. There are a lot of “hidden” places (i.e. places that will lead you off the map) that you’ll find by breaking down walls or just by riding the edge until you slip through. At worst these will have a Hidden Chest, which can have good things in it.

There are also a lot of breakable things that have (as far as I can tell) the standard mob loot table, so while 99.99% of the time you’ll get some money and maybe an item that you’ll eventually loot filter out, you can potentially get legendaries to come out.

Lastly, I have to reiterate: SAVE EVERY COMPONENT. I don’t care if you have 700 polished emeralds, you pick up #701. Lots of things have a kind of pyramid of crafting, where to craft A you need to have B, C, and D, but B requires E, F, and G, C needs E, H, and I, and D needs F, G, H, and C… you can easily go through dozens of components just making one thing one time. And many of these items have randomly generated stats, so the odds you want to make a few to get a good roll is pretty high.