New Player's Guide

Not sure where or how to vent this.

I’m extremely disappointed that a great asset for this game, namely a guide for beginners, has been deleted. I don’t care who was right or who was wrong, because it is clear both were in the wrong because a fantastic asset for the community is now gone.

I refer new players to this guide constantly. On here and over on reddit. Heck even in the facebook community when I was posting there.

It’s a real shame it came to this.

And yes, I realize this post may get locked or I may get my hand slapped. I try very hard not to get involved in discussions like this, but this was a really fantastic resource that now is gone.


@Captain_WARLORD is your new guy, he knows his stuff with his 40s MQ kills

Wait a minute what? @malawiglenn dont tell me hes talking about your guide man, I was just talking about them in that thread about the game review. What the hell happened? Why would something like that be deleted?