New proc on Aeon's Hourglass devotion

Effectively, the new proc looks VERY interesting, and I’ll be happy to see how it plays out (I don’t have a character I can/am willing to respec into it to test it), but I think it would be helped a bit to have it so that it does something along the line of Belgathian’s Carnage relic does, reducing all currently active CDs by 3 seconds (Or, in this case, full reset them) when the proc triggers, to actually enable you to USE that “Oh shit” button, rather than have it be on 0 CD after it comes back off. I’d even go and weaken the potency of the +CDR it grants down to something like 70% or as low as 50%, because it doesn’t need the perfect 100% CDR in my eyes unless you already have some other CDR (At 70% CDR, odds are you can max out it anyway with just your off-hand + amulet and hood). Further CDR will just help the proc activate more frequently as a whole, and not add further in proc power.

Casting doom bolt without cooldown must be fun.

Didn’t even think about Doom Bolt, lol, as I was considering a Lightning Trickster type of deal grabbing Spear as well, but I can also see the negative 1 billion energy you would have if you tried the Doom Bolt route. Fact is, you have to get to 50% hp (Meaning risky unless you have a ton of HP), and then not die after it to have all the fun with the insane abilities.

I could also see the abuse case with something like a Callidor’s build with the CD modifier, and the moment you go low just turn into this monster that wrecks the world around you.

Although Turtle devotion might just negate this risk entirely, the entire duration of the Hourglass proc Turtle will keep proccing every time you drop below 40% hp, granting you that shield every time, pretty much negating the risk of death when it happens.


does the new CDR portion on the proc work on the devotion itself? IE if you stay under 50% hp you have infinite CDR @ 100% ?

could be an interesting build if you stack on HP and mana regen

CDR affects devotions (I know this for a fact because my CDR capped Spellbreaker build has 100% uptime on a few devotions that are nowhere close to that uptime naturally, like Behemoth), 100% would enable 0 CD devotion procs on any devotion, unless they specificly decided to code it strangely and not to just act like +CDR%. The thing is, the current Hourglass doesn’t RESET your CDs, so the CDR affect doesn’t get applied until after you have the CD come back up. This is part of why turtle interacts so powerfully with the new hourglass, because it will only apply once you drop below 40% HP, while the Hourglass devotion requires you to be at 50% before it triggers, meaning that Turtle will ALWAYS be up for Hourglass unless you proc it after the hourglass affect ends. The key thing about the Hourglass proc is I bet the CD starts before the CDR is applied, meaning that it won’t work for 100% uptime unless you can manage to get the base CD so low as to enable 100% uptime on it, which I personally doubt is possible unless the +ranks in the devotion proc grant it a MUCH longer duration.

The primary synergies I see in it are anything which heals/shields you when you drop below 50% hp that is a Devotion or class skill (Minhir’s Will, Turtle), or “Oh shit” buttons like Mirror (Mirror being a really powerful synergy, if you have it up as you drop below 50% hp, you will be able to trigger it at least twice in the duration of rank 1 Hourglass proc). Dryad proc seems like it would also work really well, as the moment you have your hp drop that low you would have 100% spammyness on Dryad procs quickly healing you back to full hp.

thats still pretty awesome

I couldn’t get it to work yet. I had a left click Chaos Strike thing in mind, but apparently when the Hourglass procs it doesn’t reset your cooldowns. Does it?

That was my suggestion to make it have the CD reset, not that it had it now.

Also, CDR doesn’t affect item CDs anyway, so Chaos Strike wouldn’t have worked anyway. A solid example of a good synergy skill would be Shadow Strike though, of which if you build for it you could get >500k DPS for the duration of the proc, which, lets face it, would be enough to kill just about any target almost instantly.

This all sounds great in theory until you realise Time Dilation has a huge friggin’ 50 second cooldown that does not decrease by rank.

It doesn’t decrease with rank?! There goes my interest…

Still decreases with CDR, you can easily drop it to a 30-35 second CD, and if you only need it for nemesis bosses and the like… Well, its good for Neme-boss farm builds. We see entire builds around the idea of farming a single Nemesis with the upmost effeciency (Looking at you all 2k Fabius farm builds). And it still is probably one of the strongest defensive devotion options, and I can see it being used primarily as a boss kill tool, not a trash kill tool.

Right on…I was thinking more about it this past day and I realised it would be extremely powerful with a CDR Canister Bomb Sorceror. Doom Bolt is probably too energy intensive to spam but not so for Canister Bomb.

Plus it’s possible to get around 20 seconds of complete or near-invincibility by cycling Blast Shield, Time Dilation + Turtle Shell, Mirror (before Time Dilation ends), Blast Shield, and Mirror in that order. Combine this with Dryad’s Blessing and maybe a healing potion and any boss fight becomes stress-free.

The only character of mine that has access to time dilation doesn’t really have a use for the cdr but casting OFF a dozen times in a row is fun, if a bit pointless beyond the damage dealt. Tried it with devastation but that only one allowed rule ruins it completely.

I was already set up for this with Doom Bolt since I liked Aeon’s Hourglass well enough before the changes. I fought Dreeg’s guardian on Ultimate not thinking much about it and was suddenly chain casting Doom Bolt (it’s on my left mouse button). He exploded before I realized what was going on. I’ll have to see how it fares against that stupid bug next.

Would someone be so kind to post the stats of lvl 10 time dilation ?

It doesn’t affect procs cooldowns. Chaos Strike is an active skill that you can cast so it is affected by CDR.

Neat :smiley: Now I hope 15 Sigils of Consumption can stack.

I believe it adds a constant 0.4 second duration per level, so it’ll probably have an 8 second duration at max level. If you know how, you can peek into the game files to verify.

I had a chance to try out Time Dilation + Turtle Shell + Dryad’s Blessing with Canister Bomb (on which Dryad’s Blessing is attached). It works just as Steelflame predicted.

There are some pitfalls to avoid though. For one, you can’t have too much defence and healing. There are a lot of times where I wanted it to trigger but I just wasn’t getting damaged enough, lol. You still want good One-Shot defence but you probably don’t want and need something like Flash Bang.

Another big pitfall is using a cooldown skill right before Time Dilation occurs. Once it’s on cooldown, Time Dilation won’t reset it and you’ll have to wait. That means you have to have a good sense of how long it takes for your health to drop to 50% in any given fight so you know if and when to use your cooldown skill at the start of the fight.

50 Second Skill Recharge
8 Second Duration
Increase Energy Regeneration by 60%
+60% Casting Speed
3 Seconds of Petrify Retaliation
+100% Skill Cooldown Reduction

I tested it with Doom Bolt against the Mad Queen on Ultimate and had a heck of a time getting it to work. The problem is how it doesn’t reset the skill if used, and I couldn’t exactly not cast Doom Bolt since I had to keep whittling down her life.

It really needs that cooldown reset to avoid wonky gameplay where you’re spending most of your time and thought process getting that cool thing setup rather than doing the cool thing.

Someone just posted a video. Kills her in 3s.

How does this work on Log?

This is totally OP. Enjoy it before hotfix 2 takes it away.

No, skills from items are definitely not affected by CDR. Though I suppose it’s possible component skills like Chaos Strike are different? I just know I checked the Annihilation relic’s Meteor skill and it certainly didn’t have its cooldown reduced.

That looks like you have some other source of CDR, afaik the recharge doesn’t change with level, only duration. If that’s wrong though, that’s pretty huge.

I’m pretty sure it doesn’t have a cooldown reset built-in because that would make it affect itself, and potential 100% uptime of such a skill with only investment in itself is a bit much. I did consider having a character with all Gildam Arcanum gear + Clairvoyant set, which total would give about a 30% chance on activation for enough CDR that it could start to maintain itself. How the proc triggers kind of gets in the way though, it seems to only happen when you cross the 50% health threshold, not being below it (or being hit while below it) with the skill ready. That means you’d have to bounce up to 51% health and then lose some of it to retrigger, over and over to maintain it. I’m not sure that’s reasonably possible.