New Run on HC - Ulti without Absorption?


today my level 97 Conjurer have been slained in the Void. After nearly 150h of playtime it is time for something new :smiley:

So, i take a look at the necromancer, because i want to go again with some kind of Pet-Master build.
One thing i love about the Conjurer is the Damage Absorption from Primal Bond. Now i look at the Skills of the Necro and see that the best Exclusive Skill would be “Master of Death” (if i want to go with Dead Pets --> and yes i will!).

Is a Pet Build without Absorption really stable in Ultimate? The only way to get the Absorption would be to take Arcanist and Maivens Spere of Protection but imo a “real” Pet Build should go with Shaman or Occultist as second Mastery.

Thoughts and experiences out of Ultimate HC are most welcome. Till now i think, that Ulti HC without Absorption is not stable enough.

Greetz Nagumo

PS: Mark of Torment is imo not a equivalent alternative, because of the short Duration and the danger of being without Absorption between the recasts.

I am with you.

Most of the streamers with pets on HC died recently. Me also.
Bosses ignore taunt so the new item modifiers/devotions with that are mostly useless?!

In GD you will get hit.
How you deal with that in Path of Exile? Well, asides from potion system you can use Bone Offering.

Im interested in seeing a defensive summoner build. But it should remain a boss killer like it is

% based damage absorbtion is technically just effective health. You can get that (health) from Spectral Binding with a Necro.

so shaman+necro u can get over 20k

and these boots are really good for HC

I’m not entirely sure about that on multiple fronts:

  1. 1000 HP/S works better on a 10.000 health character with 50% absorb than on a 20.000 health character with 0%; This means that the more absorb you have, the more effective recovery methods become compared to simply adding on health (Unless of course the recovery is X% health like some circuitbreakers)

  2. Reducing damage by half means that the other half gets further reduced by other flat modifiers such as armor. Reducing something flat after already halving it is much more impressive (i.e. reducing 2K damage by 50% and then 400 because of armor is better than just having a larger healthpool)

  3. Enemies that deal damage based on health % still get reduced by absorbs.

Probably a few more that I didn’t think of.

I’m going here with Xeneonic. Absorption isn’t the same like getting more health.

Damn it, maybe i have to go with a hybrid. Didn’t like the idea. Or i will go Shaman as second again :undecided:

@miyamotomusashi: Nice boots!!

So after adjusting and changing a lot with Grimtools this would be the way i wanna go:

I really don’t know if the damage output would be enough without the “normal” devotion trees (Bysmiels Bond, Mogdrogen the Wolf, etc.) for a Pet build and normally you should go as necromancer with Rattosh and Typhos which will bring +200% Vitality Damage for your minions but i really wanna test Order and Primordial Devotions Rank 3 which all Proccs on “When you are Hit”.

Wish me luck and good loot.