New Runebinder nice)

Hi all, I think it can’t be left like this, you need to add buffs(nerf). Choose the right one of the two options.


4 Tempest of Nature’s Bounty greens though :stuck_out_tongue: That’s some fantasy gear you’re using there.

There’s also another thing - a lot of these videos show the result of you prestacking the runes and hiding the whole stacking activity which obviously takes time.

Your Lokarr kill time were you couldn’t prestack was like 10s which is not super fast at all.

Please show a normal SR 75-76 instead of just Bennie against your prestacked runes.


Then it’s all right, and I was already scared. So the correct choice is the buffs, great)

Don’t know if it’s alright / if it’s not a bit overtuned I just don’t like how you’re presenting it.

And how many seconds do you need to add for pre-stacking runes at spawns?

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My job as a player is to show the problem, the rest of the decisions are left to the developer. If the problem is not in the new set, and damage, as above said gave mi++ with the second green affix with no effect on damage, then so be it.

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This thread = lol

Imagine if I could prestack my 200% cast speed forcewaves and drag everything to it.

Some dumb napkin math makes out to 12+ secs of prep time in which case I would have killed the mob anyways. Nice try though. I’d say the damage is fine as is. If people want to take 12+ secs per boss pull sounds good…boring AF IMO. Same with SR maps. By the time you prep for a floor, I be in the next one already in all likelyhood.

I find it odd as I am sure people are testing this set and nothing has been reported until now? Hmmmm seems odd.

The ridiculousness isn’t in this thread, it’s in the fact that bosses have come up with attack mechanics, debuffs, attack animations, avoid tactics for dangerous attacks, and other such things. On this same set, as you may have noticed enough to put 15 runes and almost immediately kill the boss, that’s the main problem, if you didn’t realize it. And your arguments about stacking other skills is meaningless, for the reason that it is impossible to do in the game and this privilege only runes, which makes them partly a bit broken in the state that they are now. You can think this topic is ridiculous all you want, but such instant kill bosses that have mechanics that need to be learned in a game like this are broken things, I’m extremely surprised that guys who have played the game for more than a thousand hours have latched onto pre-setting runes and not the main problem it gives, described above. I’m very disappointed.


Rune stacking been around forever. Why don’t you answer z’s question on prep time and provide video of non prep maps as tq suggested. Then once we have the full prep times + kill times we can compare them to normal gameplay and we’ll see how unbalanced they are.

To answer the question about folding runes, a video of a 150-170 crucible is given where you can see the efficiency without folding runes, I am not a professional crucible racer and even in my hands the timing too looks like broken. Second point, you don’t want to hear me about how this kind of rune stack ignores the bosses mechanics, which breaks the very essence of fighting them. Third point, before the set was not so strong, with the addition of 5 more runes with additional RR and other buffs, we see that at 75 SR Bendajr colossus just dissolved, as no one prevents you from putting 15 runes in advance and ignore the mechanics of the end game boss. And fourth point, I’m not against changes and improvements to this set, its changes were needed, but the fact that now 15 runes ignore the battle mechanics of 90% of the game’s bosses is a broken situation in my opinion. And as I said earlier, the decision is in any case for the majority of players and developers, I express my opinion and vision on the state of the new set.

you mean like how OFF ignores most boss mechanics? how bladetrap ignore most boss mechanics, how pets ignore most boss mechanics?
runestacking been around since runes got made: devs are highly aware
(if i had to guess it’s part of the reason why it took so many years to get Z to lower the arming time to increase dps)

all your boss runs are pointless, “because that’s how rune stackign works and have always worked”
the sole interesting run as you say is indeed crucible
(tho you also did prestack some runes on the first spawn, but that’s probably just a dozen seconds at most still on top the final timer)
so if crucible speed is still a factor for balance that might be something,
likewise you could have presented a full SR75-76 ++X shard run to underscore your point, but 1v1 bosses runestacking doesn’t do it for you…


A great idea to solve the problem of damage from adding 15 runes was suggested by @Safarel , who said that a good idea would be to add the call of runes for 1 cast at once x3, but add them a damage penalty, it will give the convenience of playing build and set on the sections up to the boss room and at the same time weaken the summation of damage from 15 runes at a point, the maximum number of runes, leave what is. If I somehow inaccurately conveyed the thought, Safarel will correct.

Uploading this for a clearer picture

Old Runebinder before the 1.2.1 set redesign can do the things from the 1st vid too
Paladin, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator (some quick theorycraft) Mad Queen in Main Campaign Gargabol in Main Campaign Bennie in SR 75-75

Some comments

  • posting Main Campaign non-super bosses only leads to confusion because any decent build obliterates them

  • stacking runes is gimmicky and not practical in a farming scenario from my experience / what I remember

  • if you don’t like it, then you’d have to redesign the skill mechanics altogether because nerf to Runebinder won’t change it and there are other rune builds like Pierce or Physical ones which you can do it with

  • I’m not commenting on whether it’s overtuned or not, not my expertise or interest but


With the addition of 5 more runes and additional RR these vanshots at builds that you showed, will become even stronger + mop-up time of 150-170 will still decrease from what it could be before, I think fast pilots of the crucible on paladins will be able to approach 3 minutes or even do less, which in theory with such damage as now is possible. Against other builds of the game it looks broken to say the least. I’m not calling for the set to be bad, but while the open beta test is going on, it’s always good to discuss such stand out build/set/build concepts.

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Would :crate: even bother with implementing new features like that in game’s engine (seems it would require that) when you could just lower the summon limit from 5 to 3 for example if 5 is found to be too op?
You could probably even add -2 to Summon Limit modifier for RoK and RoH to the Runebinder set .


What is the new redesigned bonus of this set?

IDK about you guys, but as somebody who tried really hard to enjoy runes before, to me this seems to work exactly as intended.

Though the lightning rune seems to lack in visual spectacle compared to the 2 main ones. Can it be something like primal strike visual effect instead?

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What time do celestials have?
I didn’t see the video of Ravager and Callagadra.



+1, I love the visuals and purpose of runes, but never seemed to be worth the effort. Should work like this indeed