New screenshot posted!

Had a tough time deciding on the time of day for this one but settled on early morning due to the position of the sun reflecting off the water pooled in the wagon ruts. Noon was a close runner-up, which had the sunlight making the wheat field in the distance glow. Hope you enjoy!

Oh damn! That looks sweet! That’s just awesome!

Great job as always, Crate!

TQ lookin’ palette visual feelin’. Nice one.

Oh…and rock and roll!!!

Keep up the hard work!

Looking really sweet!

Loving it! The textures are getting better with every new screenshot.
Thanks for the new update.

When will we start to see new monsters besides the usual zombies?

I’ve got a bruised chin after my jaw dropped open when viewing that shot. The weather effects, the lighting, the depth of field – what incredible work!! All I can say is WOW!


The path the character took to walk to where he’s standing in the shot kinda tires my eyes and naturally steered them away from it. Given that it’s such a large part of the screenie, it was somewhat detracting. After studying the area for a while, I believe the effect is because of the angle and lack of shadowing on it. Those two combine to make it seem like it’s a flat surface and not the 3-d structure I’m sure that it is.

Nice work on the environmental effects. The fog gives the impression that it is smoke from a battle, drifting about.

~Frag :cool:

Doesn’t look flat to me, the atmosphere perspective works nicely.
Also, it’s not a noon setting so the shadows won’t look as pronounce but I am sure when it’s noon the shadows will darken.

Really a nice screeny.

small critics:
I think the contrast of the rocky-texture (not the one for the cliffs but for the ground) is a bit too sharp though. Same on some other screenies. I’d like to see it a bit softer.
That was also what I didnt like when playing Silverfall. The textures where simply too sharp and looked artifical.

The light reflecting off the water in the ruts on the road below looks REALLY good. Nice touch!

VERY soon:)

I think if you change the texture to medium or low in the graphic settings, the texture will tone down or wash out.

Awesome, looking forward to making new avatars for our members!

but I dont want to play with medium or low textures.^^

VERY nice! I love the depth of field blur, and the shine on the water in the wheel ruts.

I can’t wait to see more! Have you guys started on a UI design just yet?

That smoke looks amazing!

I like to know or see this as well.
Although they already showed us the inventory ui, I’m guessing the rest will look alike?

Wooo~~~! It look Amazing!

I would like to see som gears and screws and stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:
something steampunkish.