New set, fire Saboteur

how does your build perform with endgame content? or is this just theorycraft via grimtool post update? or do you need some advices before playing this build? at least i see some problems here: a melee char with not really great damage (2k % fire dam) but really low ADCTH (only 4%?), and something wrong with skill points distribution: taking Nidalla’s Hidden Hand only for acid build/ not taking Lethal Assault is a big mistake (since you got 100% cold and 50% acid convert to fire, LA give you flat 150 fire dam - thats a hugh buff)/ taking cap Static Strike is a waste…

Just posting GT links are just completely meaningless


this is first, now all who follow must pay homage

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It’s well made, I could see this perform well, but I don’t actually see it :confused:

how about something like that