New Shape Shifter Class

It’s time for a shape shifting class. One that turn into different animals, and or creatures depending on your situation. (Of course you’d have to put points into shape shifting abilities.) I feel like this would be a nice touch to the game. I feel like this could match greatly with so many other classes. Especially pet builds.

Not interested, and, more importantly, there are engine limitations that do not allow for this (afaik)

Been asked for before and the answer is no. Balancing something like that around a dual mastery class system would be a nightmare. And maybe engine limitations as well. Ain’t happening.

I thing the classical elementalist will be much better - many elemental resistainces, many debuffs, elemental pets etc. Maybe elementals can be even combined: you can freeze enemies using sand and fire, making solid glass. Something like Rise of Legends RTS.

maybe in grim dawn 2. with new engine.

when will those studios that handle remastered age of empires 1, 2, age of mythology and rise of nations decide to remaster rise of legends? such a sadly missed opportunity… the mods for it is sadly lacking too. that game is steampunk leonardo da vinci battling a glass dragon while an alien living statues pretending to be gods is conspiring with futuristic mesoamerican tribes to conquer the world.

Id like to see some kind of Monk class and some fist weapon type introduced as opposed to either shapeshifter or elementalist.

For bonus points, introducing them in a new expansion that take advantage of all the open water areas on the map… Perhaps a floatsam faction, in a city built on many rafts. Roguelike dungeon for this area involving an “undersea” area.

Rather than a shapeshift class, which is a nightmare to do in GD (otherwise the D2 mod would have done it), a blue mage type class from FF which uses enemy skills would be really cool. There are loads of cool and unique enemy skills like Laria/Aleks PRM shotgun.

Add npcs or lore to the coven which studies monsters of Cairn and learns to use their skills against them. Could be cool.