New to game just bought game yesterday

New to game any tips and recommendations are welcome, trying out Warder and witch blade combos bought Grim as a better alternative to Diablo as I like the extra depth. Trying to find a good melee build class with solid survivbility.

Welcome to the game and to the forum DrayvenX91. :slight_smile: Do you have just the base game or do you also have the Ashes of Malmouth expansion?

For base game builds look here:

and for AoM builds:

Both should have some beginner friendly builds which don’t need best in slot gear to play.

There’s also a wealth of info in this thread:

My tips: don’t worry about dying too much while you learn how the game works. And explore everywhere. There are a lot of things tucked away in the game that are off the beaten track so make sure you investigate every nook and cranny to see what you might find.

I bought the the Ashes expansion along with the Crucible as well seemed like it was worth it and I dont regret it. So far the game is amazing cant wait to see what is next.

What is next is this:

Due out some time in the second half of the year.

You’ll find more info as the weeks go by up in the Development Updates section of the forum. The Grim Misadventures (GMs) are posted every two weeks (next one is on the 11th June) plus the devs also live stream on Fridays on Twitch about every 2-3 weeks. Video of the last stream is here:

Should be up for a few more days and showed off some of the new music for the FG expansion and also some new movement runes we’ll be able to play with.

The devs announce when they’re next going to be streaming in this thread:

Forgotten gods interesting well I look forward to as a I sink my teeth into the base game and Ashes expansion.