New to GD, not ARPGs saying HEYYY

Saying Hello to those that are fortunate enough to have played this game! Played countless hours in D2 (Nothing new here i assume) and a decent amount of time grinding Rift gates on D3.

This game is exactly what many have said in the reviews; It is the Diablo 3 we didn’t get.

My only char so far is a 61 Purifier with Mortar/Blast shield+Healing word/Seal. Started him a dual wielding auto attacker of all hell but it got kinda boring and the squishyness was irritating.

I am looking forward to meeting you guys/gals and once i get more comfortable i will be streaming some ideas i had for this game along with releasing youtube videos on builds or whatever else i find fun to create in Adobe =)

About to go start my new class, i really want to play occultist or Nightslayer, but Shaman or even a Soldier/Necro(dk) looks fun. Decisions decisons. Any recomendations on a non-squishy 2hander class that does more than just auto attack as i cant do that again



Look into 2h EoR Oath+X or Shaman builds. They’re partly auto-attackers, but have other skills you’ll be using as well so it’s not just simply point and hold button.

Welcome to the game and to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome to Grim Dawn and the forums!

First of all, Welcome! Second, I say any class is good just comes down to what or how you like to play!

Yes, my friend, I got just the thing: [] OL' REAVER (vindicator remake)

Try these and you won’t be disappointed.

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Dervishes are not exactly the tankiest. The guy asked for a tanky 2h hybrid. Stormreaver is definitely the best in category. Maybe competing with Wildblood conjurers/ritualists. Actually Wildblood builds may be tankier but Stormreaver is still probably the best build when it comes to balance between speed and tankiness.

Also, Ultos has recently been buffed and us one of the best in 2h category but that’s closer to pure 2h melee than a hybrid.

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Thanks bro I appreciate the post. I actually got 2 going right now, a 38 DK which I really like but just need something else to “do” instead of bone harvest, as I find myself not using any melee knowing in a couple seconds I will be casting that wall of death again. Also have my shaman that I’m loving with primal strike/savagry. He is 20 I think and I’m waiting to decide which 2nd mastery is best

Well, you got a Shaman, so you can think about a Bleeding Build. You want more than Auto Attack?
Okay, no Warder then, though it is strong like hell, you will use AA and some nukes and a cast now and then. Trickster would be DW, but you can also try some “fancy” stuff. Bleeding Vindicator (Shaman/Inquisitor) or Druid (Shaman/Arcanist) are fun to play. Just search for “Bleeding Collection”, there are most of my builds.

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I am 100% going druid. I saw some posts/guides on here (Maybe one from you?) that looked incredibly fun to play. I get that it may not be the best starting build but that is what my DK will be for (Farming this Kriegs set i hear about then using him to farm for my druid).

The thought of a 2h thunder smashing brute that has some casting/proccing eye porn spells is just perfect. Cheers and thanks to all for the warm welcome and suggestions

Hi and welcome!
Nice builds: any!
Got to catch em all!.. :grin: