New to the game and have a quick question

I am level 42 and moving quickly. I have hit Fort Ikon and I have to make a decision on whether I kill Anasteria or not. I did a lot of reading and still see pros and cons.

My question is, when I progress to elite it sounds like I get to rechoose once I get to this quest again. So assuming that is true, what does that mean as far as my outcast faction in elite? When you go to elite do all of your factions reset?

From my reading it is sounding like this is a very easy boss to turn into nemesis, so that makes me think that I will want to kill her in elite so I can farm her?

Thanks in advance.

I was asking the same question recently. I guess the best is to befriend her in normal and elite, farm Outcast reputation so you can buy all the augments, then kill her in ultimate and farm her as the nemesis.

So how does faction work when you go from normal to elite? I guess I do not understand how switching works. Can you go back and forth? If so, do you have separate reputations?

When you change difficulty, you get the same options for the factions.

If you choose to go for the opposite choice, ( normal you chose the witch) on elite if you chose to kill her, it will restart the faction points from new.

Same with kymon and deaths vigil. If you choose the opposite side in elite, both factions reset to the beginning.

Ouch. So if I choose not to kill her, I need to max rep and buy everything before I choose to kill her in elite or ultimate?

Would be a good choice.

Also if you choose not to kill her, black legion rep can only be gained in bounties.

Another consideration is that the outcast quests give tremendous amount of exp which can push you 1-2 levels at lv 50 or so (including the grind involved in fetch quests).

I never kill her.