New to the game, help with a Purifier build?

So, I’m trying to build a purifier that can run past (and kill) most trash and get straight to bosses. I’ve come across a few Purifier builds online but none met what I’m aiming for exactly, I’ve tried altering those slightly to match but idk how well that will do.

When it comes to what I’m trying to get out of the build, I’d like Aura of Censure, Vindictive Flame+Ulzuin’s Wrath, and Blast shield for running past trash. I would also ideally like to use Fire Strike and the enhancements for it, Bursting Round, and Storm Spread for bosses.

The closest build I found to what I’m trying to make is on the grimtools site,
but, it uses Aura of Conviction and very few points in Vindictive Flame/Ulzuin’s Wrath. Plus, for some reason it has a 2h wep as the wep swap?

If anyone could maybe help make changes to the build I linked to help make it fit what I want while still keeping it a viable build late game, I’d be super thankful.

Try mine, it can beat crucible as well with high successful rate, 4k+ DA plus strong defensive route devotions, the pants not necessary, just switch the weapon (if you only want to farm 150, you can change devotions path to Ulzuin torch, gloves to myth handguards of justice), if you want more OA can change kilirian component to chains of oleron, I just love AS

There are several different Purifier builds in the Build Compendium, but this one looks close to what you’re looking for.

holystar88, is that the right link? Because your toon has no weapon equipped and carries a shield. :confused:

Weapon switch fam

Ah yes, there they are. :smiley: Just hope he’s not reduced to shield bashing for close in work. :wink:

tried using both, I’ve tested many times and the piercing hidden option of dagallon is as good as you face hundred enemies:D, the explosive strike applies on each, also if using aegis set we have to drop the belt:o.

Thx everyone,
I decided to try out this one (showthread.php?t=68097) first.

I made a pure fire/lightning caster purifier, built around the concept of a bombarder, and im having a lot of fun. Pure glass canon