New transmuters for pets

Seeing as how the Blight Fiend has a transmuter, I think it would be interesting to se at least one transmuter for the other pets added in a future update to maybe push different kinds of pet builds. Or this could be food for thought to the modders.

Here are some of my ideas:

Summon Hellhound

  • Fiery Pack (3 Ranks) - “For most followers of Bysmiel, dominance over only one creature is not a option.”

-8 Skill Recharge
+1/+2/+3 Summon Limit
Hellhound cannot learn Hellfire and Infernal Breath

Raise Skeletons

  • Skeletal Knights (3 Ranks) - “Some Necromancers prefer to call forth only the best warriors that ever lived. Even if amassing such army ends up being costly and time-consuming.”

Raise Dead now only spawns Revenants
-2 Summon
+25% Energy cost
+10%/+30%/+80% Health
Total damage modified by 0%/5%/10%
Cannot be used in conjuction with Skeletal Horde described below

  • Skeletal Horde (1 Rank) - “When most Necromancers learn to bind the dead to their will, their first logical thinking is to overwhelm their foes with superior numbers.”

Raise Dead now only spawns Warriors
+3 Summon Limit
Cannot be used in conjuction with Skeletal Knights described above

  • Aether Will (1 Rank; Will of the Crypt transmuter) - “Imbue your minions with the destructive power of the Aether”

100% Vitality Damage converted to Aether Damage
Changes “X% Physical Damage converted to Vitality” to “X% Physical Damage converted to Aether”
Changes “X% Vitality Resistance” to “X% Aether Resistance”

Summon Briarthorn

  • Summon Wendigo (1 Rank) - “Instead of binding a Wendigo spirit to a totem, some Shamans skilled in the way of summoning prefer to call a physical manifestation of this vile creature to tear their foes apart and feast on their flesh.”

The Wendigo is almost the same as the Briarthorn, except that it has less Health, it has Vitality Damage instead of Piercing, and X% Attack Damage converted to Health instead of Piercing Retaliation. The Wendigo can also learn their own versions of Ground Slam and Emboldening Presence:

Ground Slam - Vitality Decay instead of Internal Trauma; -X Defensive Ability for 4 seconds instead of Stun.

Emboldening Presence - Removed “X% Physical and Bleeding Resistances” and “+X% to All Retaliation Damage”; Added “X% Attack Damage converted to Health” and “X Vitality Damage”.