New weapon seals

What’s your opinion on the new weapon seals and their attached skills?

I’ve seen a lot of builds make good use of the Seal of Blades with its spinning barrier of death and procs, also seen some use the Seal of Skies and make good use of the chain lightning attack.

What about the others, especially when compared to their vanilla counterparts?
For example, is Seal of Void worth using over Symbol of Solael in a chaos build since the latter also comes with a chaos RR skill?

Seal of Resonance is great for elemental builds (or even fire/cold/lightning).
Seal of might is good for physical builds, that dont need extra ADCTH or proc tool.
Seal of Corruption/Night are great because they give OA.
As for all those active skills - they dont look impressive to me. You probably should build around most of them, and i’m not sure they’re strong enough for endgame.

Where can one see what these seals do when completed? They were not on the wiki last I checked…

Thanks, did not think they had that up too. Is that place ran by the makers of the game btw?

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