New Yellow recipe are expensive (belts, boots...)

Hi all,

The new recipees for yellow items are quite expensives. Currently it cost about 35 000 to craft one!
Let’s say it would take 500 craft to have a decent/godly one, it would cost you :
–> 35000 x 500 = 17 000 000 iron bits
In the end of the day, to use the new crafted item it has to be as good or better then a legendary.
That just for one item for one character without considering other gear you wanna craft!

I would cut it down to at least 20 000 iron bits to craft them.

I made three characters go bankrupt to get good boots

So yeah, they’re kinda costly. But I am in kind of a dilemma since they’re a convenient source of good affixes on characters despite the heavy price tag


20.000.000 Iron, about 25 - 30 Legendaries (traded them for Scavenged Plating)…well, it was really expensive. :undecided:

Yes, they’re expensive, but resulting items are kinda powerful…
Crafted this weapon for my Forcewave build at the start of AoM expansion (took ~5kk iron bits):
Still havent found Mythical Stonefist Rebuke…

They’re expensive, but I kinda just figured they were meant to be something of an endgame iron sink that gives you a near-unobtainable long-term goal to aim for (if you want decent affixes and rolls) even once you have every Epic and Legendary safely stashed away. Considering how many other gearing options there are in the game, I’d say there’s definitely a place for something as pricey as these to exist considering they’re not necessary in the slightest.

We just need gloves now, that’s all. :cool:

Arguing the recipee ‘‘have to’’ be pricey for the sake of ‘‘possibility’’ for the crafted item to be really good sounds wrong to me. I mean 20k is still kinda pricey yet sounds better.
A lot of builds to have good resistances need specific affixes. If the game wants us to make 1 or 2 builds then stop and try to make those 2 better with good resistances over a long period of time, then fine?!? I rather say that one of the strenght of the game is to make many builds and to experiment different mastery combo.

Again, 20 000 iron bits won’t suddently make it easy to obtain to OpOpie gear. I say 20 000 and I would probably lower it more. I think people don’t realize how long it takes to actually get something really good.