I’m no stranger to these Diablo-esque games although I prefer not calling them Diablo clones. I haven’t played the game too long but I have around a level 20 demolitionist. Decided I should probably find the community to get people that would be willing to play.

Nice to meet you. Community is super nice and super helpful. Best forum advice I can give is if you have a problem with a particular build and want some feedback, use to show what you have so far. Otherwise the first 3 replies will literally be “please show us grimcalc.” (I would have linked it, but I don’t post very often and apparently you need 3 posts to link)

Edit: Ceno Linked Grimcalc 1 post below me.

Let me get that for you…


GracefulDusk, a fan-made item database of (most) of the items in Grim Dawn:

Welcome to the forums, Pseudo Rarity!

Hello,welcome to the forum.

Hello and welcome,

Thats the right place to find play to play with :slight_smile:

Good luck in your adventures, and may your demolitionist be strong.

Hello Pseudo Rarity

and welcome to the forum and Grim Dawn! :smiley:

Hello and welcome. :slight_smile: