Newb question, need some details about conversions

Hello everyone,

Been a while since I played, and I need some help about damage conversion. I’ve looked about but I’m not quite sure I understand how some details work.

I was looking about a new class to play, and while looking at the Inquisitor/Occultist, the Flames of Ignaffar and the Tainted Flame caught my attention.

So, what I don’t seem to understand is how gearing should be done.

I understand that the skill should now deal chaos/vitality damage, but should I gear using Fire/Lightning or Chaos/Vitality ? I guess it is F/L but … well I’m not sure.

I’ve used damage conversion before, but always something like, physical to cold, or piercing to cold. So, it was always a smooth transition and I never had to think to much about it … This one seems to confuse me for wathever reason.

Thanks !

For transmuted Flames of Ignaffar - you want gear with % Chaos and % Vitality. % bonuses take effect AFTER conversion, not before.

Many thanks friend. I knew it was confusing me without reason…

While I’m on it, would it be possible to build an Inquisitor/Occultist using dual pistols and chaos/vitality ? It seems to me that there is too little use of the inquisitor mastery, and that range seems to be lackluster compared to, say, a nightblade. Maybe I’m a biased due to my necromancer/nightbale though …