Newbee help for AAR build

Hey guys

New to the game and a generally love to play caster so i want to try a build around AAR (really cool looking skill ! )

I was going for a sorcerer

but i wonder if a pure aether spellbinder would be better (or maybe magehunter)

any toughts and analysis

Thx a lot guys

Also if someone want to trade (give me) good item lvl 20-30 that boost aether or energie regen and give a good start to all my alt i would really appreciate

Thx a lot !

They all work, but I might consider the Spellbinder the strongest atm.

It gets an added defense with Mark of Torment, Siphon Souls, and good HP. Pick one and have fun. That said, AAR isn’t the most newbie friendly skill.

What are the newbie friendly skills ???

AAR is just has a high energy cost, and lacks ADCTH (attack damage converted to health). As a result, it’s tougher to make work, but if you like that type of skill, go for it, just watch for things with -energy cost, and energy regen as you go along.

Just about any other main attack style skill would be easier to use.

If you want to keep the feel of AAR with a more newb friendly skill you may want to look into Drain Essence (necromancer) much lower energy cost, steals life from enemies, has some extra built in AoE, end game is well supported by two sets (vitality epic set, aether legendary set)

I mention Drain Essence in particular because it plays pretty much the same as Aether Ray - just in a bit more friendly package. Although the top end DPS of Drain Essence is much lower than AAR (as it should be, given the other mentioned perks)

Spellbinder is better and easyer to gear. I used this setup, you can even farm 100-150 gladiator with it =)

There is something i dont understand

Each time i check build, the devotion doesnt seems to balance (the color prerequiste doesnt balance and is impossible to complete).
Anyone have the same problem ?

It is standard practice to take a lower cost devotion that gives lots of a given color, take your mid-teir devotions, and then spec out of the lower-return devotion you used to unlock it. Which means most end-point devotion trees will have one or more devotions supporting themselves.