Newbie! 2 handed melee build?

Hello ladies and gentlement of Grim Dawn! I’m a Newbie and don’t know where to post this so I hope this is the correct place and sorry if it isn’t!

I bought Grim Dawn a few days ago and decided to buy the expansions because I liked the game so much. Now, I’m level 32 Soldier and before I say anything else, I’m not looking for boost or free stuff. I want pointers in the correct direction, and before you say “Google” or “Youtube”, yeah, I’ve already looked that up, but since I’m a newbie I don’t understand most of the guides that uses abbreviations and ingame terms (yet…) and I could really use a hand here.

So, what class combination(and what points should I take in each class tree?) would be the most optimal for a 2 handed melee user that want to wreck stuff using brute force?

Similar to an Arms Warrior from World of Warcraft, A Berserker from Torchlight, A Barbarian from Diablo. Yeah you get the point and can see the pattern of what I’m looking for here.

Sorry if this question have been asked a thousand times before and thank you very much in advance for helping a newbie out!

Have a great day/evening depending on where you live in the world =)

You could check this build from Stupid Dragon, he are the one who are made his build specially to beginners

personally the most easy to use build (but gear is required) is a 2 handed melee physical warder with avengers set. This is mine

But since your only level 32 soldier what most do and i usually do when leveling a soldier is to level with forcewave. There is also a obsidian cleaver(green item) which is easy to get that boosts forcewave. Forcewave is a good choice for an endgame build as well. Look at the build compendium and search for forcewave. If you don’t like forcewave go for something like the warder i suggested. Take assassins blade as a devotion and bind it to forcewave and start slamming stuff to bits ^^

Here are two guides I made for beginner player that will fit your needs

Forcewave is similar to Hammer of the ancients and seismic slam for the Diablo 3 Barbarian.

¤¤¤ Forcewave Spammer Warlord ¤¤¤

¤¤¤ Forcewave Spammer Death Knight ¤¤¤

very similar, the main difference is basically what kind of other builds one can do later one when you have found more/better gear.The guides are very detailed and will show you how to make a good starter farmer char without having these dope items that other people might suggest.

Anyway, I suggest you have a look at the list of the end-game build proposals (basically a compilation of builds made by people on this forum) to see what class would suit you best in the long run.

If you wanna continue with the forcewave skill, I think Warlord is the best of these two.
Also, the warlord has a whirlwind-like skill called “eye of reckoning”.

For abbreviations and in-game terms, this is a good source: GD Acronym and Abbreviation List

Safarel, vizix and malawiglenn, thank you all three SO much! That was exactly what I was looking for =)

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You can also join the official discord to ask those “quick question about xyz” people are often quick to respond there

Hey Carnage,

So you want to crack zombie skulls with the biggest object available? Welcome!

Give Forcewave a try. When you get bored of waving your axe around like some over-sized fan head over to Shaman’s Primal Strike. One smash to the zombie skull and bolts of lightning come crashing from the sky exploding enemies from the inside and sending whatever is left flying like a high powered explosive from a howitzer.

Start with 1 point in Primal Strike, Thunderous Strike,and head right up to Torrent and max that out. Max Brute Force. Then spread points between more Primal Strike and Storm Surge as your mana allows. Use ale…I mean mana pots…to fuel the carnage. Don’t forget to pick up the Kraken! from devotions. That will get you to level 50 easy and 90 without too much trouble if you keep your gear right. Come back and read some guides for the serious business end game stuff then.


Why shouldn’t he/she read guides prior to level 90? Like my guides?

(I have Warder guide too, will be ready today or tomorrow)

If u are fun of huge dmg and aoe, this is mine. This not beginner, since i use legendaries, but greenless.

Hey Malawiglenn,

Nah man guides are cool. Though the most important guide for a newb is probably the game mechanics. Especially for 2h weapon builds as they use % weapon damage skills which can be confusing to gear.

Not really melee, but actually a “2-h warrior” sort anyways.
Great for starters