Newbie, Aspiring Elementalist

Hey chaps, I just started the game a few hours ago and I found a build I wanted to become. A glass cannon elementalist.

However, after I reached level 10 I am very lost.

  1. He has 1 skill tree: “elementalist” I have 2: Demolotionist and Shaman. I want his :frowning:
  2. what is “DAIL?” on the title of his video.
  3. Is he around “end-game”? I just wanted to know if his build will get 1 shotted or not.

Your responses would be much appreciated

Elementalist is Shaman + Demolitionist. You get Elementalist when you pick both Shaman and Demolitionist. You can pick one at level 2 and the other at level 10.

He’s level 41, that’s nowhere near endgame. Endgame is 85. Elementalist is actually quite durable, even on Ultimate.

DAIL is a mod. There’s a thread in this forum where you can download it.

Ok my biggest question however, is how come his skill tree is different?

He only has one skill tree which is titled “elementalist” and I have 2: Demo and Shaman. I chose demolitionist at level 2 and shaman at level 10. Doesn’t that also make me an elementalist?

But if I am, how come I have a different skill tree than his?

I just wanted to copy his build but I can’t seem to because our skill trees are different?

Help. Nudge.

His game is modded using DAIL, it adds many new classes. His class, Elementalist, just happens to share the Demo/Shaman combo class name. If you want that exact skill tree you would have to install the mod.