Newbie guide for Pyromancer?

Bas. the tittle. Or maybe in FG ignaffar flame was buffed and is finally viable? :stuck_out_tongue:

Pyromancer is not a really beginner friendly class combo

Yup. Don’t do it. The pyro is tough to get going. The only good build for it is the darkblaze pyro, and that takes serious piloting skill and some really rare items. :confused:

But if you wanna have fun with it, which you can, knock yourself out.

Just don’t have high expectations for it.

Depends on what you want, and/or expect, to farm. Demolitionist has good skills for fast clear of the main campaign and blast shield is really nice for it. That is why I chose the mastery for ssf ultimate speedrun. I’ve done a similar run as a pyromancer, it was using x2 riftstone skill which doesn’t exist anymore but it can still dish out damage in green gear. It definitely isn’t the easiest combination for safe/reliable clear but it can pack a punch with the various MI available in the game.

Sad to hear :confused: then i will try to make Inq/Demo or Inq/Occ with ignaffar flame.

FoI isn’t a very good skill to use unless you use a fixed set. I also wouldn’t level with it as the energy consumption is insane.

I would say that these are the 2 top FoI builds around thus far:

Perhaps that’ll help

Chaos FoI is actually the worst build I try.Ignaffar is good when have strong dot and chaos have non,mixing it with vitality decay is bad too.Pyro is more of ranged class and was popular,before inventing:D of Inquisitor.

Deceiver Chaos FoI was quite good (I played a Chton build).

I still have to try this Pyro:

Maybe it was decent in some patch,but when I tried it was disappointing and far worse than cold.

Well if you want a guide to follow then I guess it is best for you to select something that appeals to you from the collection of beginner guides.

Pyro can work for a first character but to make it work well game knowledge is advised. You can always come back to it later :smiley: