Newbie help AAR Trade

Hi guys

I m working on my first char ! I’m a spellbinder and want to focus on AAR

Unfortunately, that’s probably one of the toughest skill for beginner so i wonder if anyone can help me by giving me low lvl gear (like around lvl 20-30) to help AAR damage and energy regen

Thx guys

For -energy costs. Look at the 2nd devotion point in the Owl constellation. Look for an offhand that ends in “Of the Oracle”. Look for a component called “Focusing Prism” or “Arcane Lens”. Take Mental Alacrity in the Arcanist skill tree (at the bottom). Use ectoplasm components on rings, medal and helmet. From there, look for items with Aether and energy regen. The proc on Bard’s Harp or Tree of Life are also good.

That’ll get you pretty far.

Cool thx i will try that

Anyone can help me on with a low lvl set that you dont use and give me
I did my research and what will help is :

1- Maiven’s set
2- Arcane Lens and ectoplasm component
3- Lorekeeper’s Band
4- Dementia (off hand)
5- Blackwood Wand

Thank you so much for your help guys !

Dementia isn’t very useful. Look for one of these:

At least until you get things under control. You can also look/farm for these (Pulsing shard is an MI from a boss around Homestead):'s%20aether%20ray&in_description=1&exact_match=0

Anyone can give me that kind of low lvl gear ?