Newbie Help


I’m completely new to Grim Dawn. I have played about 2-3 hours and love it. I have little experience with RPG games. I’m having trouble with the character customization and builds. There is soo many options is overwhelming. I have tried looking up a tutorial video and researched but still find myself baffled lol. Can anyone please help a newbie fun build or recommendation? I chose Arcanist so far. I’m also having trouble with the devotion options. Again soo many options.

Any help is appreciated.

Analyses paralyses! (Too many choices makes it hard to pick, I can empathize with that!)

I imagine for folks with little experience with ARPGs, this would be particularly bad.

you started with Arcanist - Do you want to go after a pure ‘caster’ archetype? Lobbing spells from a distance ‘kiting’ enemies around, that kind of thing?

Or do you like melee, in their face, and tanking? Grim Dawn supports a wide variety of playing styles. There are lots of threads for people new to Grim Dawn. I’d recommend putting on some chill tunes, and sitting down and reading the help and intro threads for newbs. Play a character up to about level 30, around the end of Act 2. What do you like about Arcanist? What do you dislike about it?

The Devotion system is hard to understand at first, but once you get the hang of it, it really adds a whole lot to any character. I would recommend taking blue crossroads and getting Sailor’s Guide, which you will see is useful for a whole lot of Arcanist builds. Don’t worry, re-speccing out is easy.

Start here:

Thanks for the link. It will help. The more I read the more I see how much depth this game has. Very impressive.