Newbie looking for help :)

Hi guys,

I bought GD during the Steam summer sales, and I have quickly become a big fan. As a short background: I played TQ quite a lot, so I am familiar with overall mechanics that seem to be fairly similar here. However, I am not familiar at all with the GD classes etc. TQ was somewhat unforgiving to newbies in that choices in builds would greatly change the chances of success for a beginner (go sorcerer or illusionist xP).

For my first game here, I tried to follow pre-made builds. I found in the build compendium a few builds, but most of them seemed to be either geared-dependent or not quite my style. So I started the “lazy pokemon master” build as first toon to have something easy and straightforward to build up gear and stuff for the account. But pet builds get boring after a while, and I am now looking for something more interesting to play.

So yes, all of this text to ask:
With limited gear and quite beginner account, I am looking for a build that corresponds more to my style. I love ranged characters (special weakness to ranger-type classes, but I am perfectly comfortable with casters as well). I love glass cannons: hitting super hard from a distance and run crying like a little girl when facing big meanies, hugging walls and changing my pants 3-4 times per hour, but with the great satisfaction of feeling god-like against batches of trash. The build would require skill to be efficient (not the usual auto-attack with occasional 1-2-3-4 button smash), but definitely not geared-dependent.

Any suggestion?

And thanks :slight_smile:

Ok so I finally decided to go with a a ranged witchblade. I am going to try to DW pistols and use cadence as a main attack, with curse of frailty as support. Blood of Dreeg as a heal and Solael’s Witchfire to go on auto-rifle mode.

Now the question would become: what would you recommend as devotions? Assassin’s blade seems straightforward, but I am lost for the rest…


Just dont do what I did and dump all your points in physique… I ended up needing more energy regen with a newer build that owns and now I’m struggling to make up for it…

Don’t try to build a physical shooter from the start, there is no dedicated class for that and ranged cadence needs some of both gear and experience to make it.

Go with how the masteries are designed, for ranged use fire and / or lighning, and / or chaos.

Thanks for advice! What would you recommend?

shaman, primal strike? demo fire strike?

Anything. There are so many builds for ranged fire strike in compendum any of them is fine. Primal strike is a little less straightforward but you can do that too.

Pyromancer can use chaos damage efficiently with fire strike. Commando has less damage but is more resilent. Sorcerer can do it but has no big advantages atm.

With primal strike, people had been using conjurers for curse of frailty or elementalists for more lightning support.

Thanks for the answers! I am going to follow your advice. Correct me if I am wrong, but it looks (just by the build compendium and reading a few things on the forum) that ranged/caster classes are not as viable as the melee ones currently. Hopefully the 2 new classes will address this :slight_smile: