Newbie looking for some help.

Finally got around to giving Grim Dawn a chance and I’m enjoying it but I had a bunch of questions if anyone could help me out.

I recently hit Elite and am currently level 51. The difficulty jump seems pretty steep even though I’ve only just hit act 2. Would it be worth it to farm at this spot for gear or should I just keep continue pushing along with the story? I feel like I really am at the point where progressing seems very daunting as even any star (hero?) monster I run into is a prolonged kiting fight over many minutes (and pots). For instance I just killed Cronley but I used 25+ pots and kited around the room a good 5 minutes. I really have no problem putting a lot of time into farming if what I do now will help me in the end game, but will what I find now help me at all 60-85 or would I just be replacing that all easily? If it is worth farming now, is there any spots I should know about for efficiency?

Here is my current setup, any tips from what information you can get here? My DPS seems fine, nothing crazy, but my survivability seems pretty low. I chose ranged so I expected kiting and general “squishiness” but the amount of kiting and potting (or dying) I’m doing on tougher mobs or bosses seems a little overkill. Is this normal?

Build link:

Any help is appreciated! Also looking for any tips you can give me outside of what I asked!

Dual weilding pistols is not going to survive ultimate try 1 pistol + shield or 2 hand rifle dual weilding pistols is only viable in Torchlight 2

Here is build for rifle

Erm, wat? All those succesful dual wield pistoleroes (mine included) would probably disagree.

For a 1st character it is not viable hes new. He should start with something that can farm items for his pyromacer dual weild. Only in Torchlight 2 you can 1st character dual weild pistol Edit: example my crossbow soldier / occulist pet build is not a viable 1st character build. Its hard to get a good crossbow at low levels. You can start to get good ones when undead start to appear. Same as his build cromley’s gang has better pistols and he needsl ots of cash fire pistols are rare aka do not farm it buy it from shops or keep farming cromley gang

I’d recommend reading through builds like this one -> Even if you don’t need to do exactly as they did, it might give you some ideas where you might want to head.

Sorry for the brief reply, little time right now.

i found my biggest issue was figuring out the differences between the combat mechanics in this game and the ones i am used to in others. in this one all the damage left after everything has been calculated has 80% of your armor value taken off. i think shield blocking damage comes in after that. add to that that every piece of armor isn’t added to a total armor value. it is only good for that piece.

from what i have experienced that makes per piece armor rating as important as resists. skills and such that add over all armor will be even more effective. as they might be adding that armor to every piece. which will mean a lot on certain pieces. like belts.

i am still figuring out the damage thing as well. not for sure on most of it. i just have seen some enemies soak certain damage types really well. thinking resists reduction will help with them.

i have just been getting into proc skills. those are proving really complex and interesting. i am having trouble figuring out the mechanics on those. especially if they are all seperate skills. or just more chances of procing the same skill. if multiple of the same skill are on different items.

sorry for the partial thread hi-jack. hoping any information people provide will help you, just as much as me. i did try to provide as much useful stuff as i could. except for the crucible part.

looking over the combat guide again. found most this information is intrinsically wrong. i still think armor matters a lot though. it might only mitigate one damage type. there are very few things that give resist to that type though. even with them added in it would still be a powerful thing to have.

reading this helps out a lot for survival. the official site has a similar copy as well. that is likely more up to date. i just like looking at this one more. not for sure why.

Health regen also matter in your character your a demolitionist, the original poster

Thanks for the responses, I looked over them all and will try out some of the suggestions.

One big question I still have unanswered is about farming for loot. At level 52 is it worth farming now or should I wait until I’ve progressed further? If I should do it now, what is worth farming? I’ve tried looking up stuff and Cronley runs and Twin Falls runs were what I came up with, is that still the go to? What other areas should I farm? Also is it worth it to go down to veteran and farm or should I continue attempting elite?

Don’t try farming for anything until you’ve hit the level cap, and even then. For all but a very slight few items, you’re already"farming" just by playing since everything has the same chance to drop from everything of the same power level.

I am following this build and so far I am level 68 with it and have had no issues. Of course a well geared dual wield pistol build can complete all game content. If you get to the end of elite and you don’t have any good gear you should do bounties, you will get a lot of components, your rep will go up allowing you to buy new gear. I am not sure what your pistol stats are but you could consider buying two solar revolvers from the faction vendor in homestead I believe it is. Don’t forget that in ultimate all your resists are reduced quite significantly.

Do you have a constellation goal? Are you aiming for a particular constellation with this build? Are you just experimenting with different options? You are focusing pretty heavily on fire but haven’t taken the magi? If you are going for an offensive constellation set you could aim for ulzuin’s torch, though if you are not very experienced with the game or you gear is not up to par you might consider going more defensive. Why do you have a point in every star in the crossroad? You know you can remove those stars when a constellation is done right? So that you can get into new constellations faster? I would pull the five points you have in the cross road and pick up the ghoul if you want survivability or if you want to go pure glass cannon put them into the magi. You will also need solael’s witchblade for the resistance reduction to your two main damage types.

Pull the points out of temper and put them into vindictive flame up to level 11 as that boosts your overall speed increasing your run speed and your attack speed which will give you a great DPS boost.

Curse of frailty is good to put a point into and then put some points into vulnerability for that elemental debuff on bosses which from what I understand you are really going to need in ultimate.

Also you might want to consider using grimtools for showing your build as it gives more information than grim calc.

This is how my lady looks at level 68 just for reference;

Ignore the fact that she has no hat, it is currently on another character and I am looking for a good replacement.

One problem about farming loot is that you can basically only farm MIs. Cronley has some good rings, yes. For dual wield pyro, there are two very nice legendary pistols that will greatly increase your killing time (and survival to some degree, lvl 50 and lvl 65 iirc). But legendary drops can’t be forced, really.

Edit: derp, just look at Woof’s link, those two gun are the ones I referred to.

I found a legendary pistol (Havoc) that has life leech on it. I must say, this has cleared up most of my problems. My survivability has increased ten fold and I’m progressing pretty well through elite. Thanks for all the help and links.

My dual-pistol Ulzuin’s Pyromancer disagrees with you. :wink:

95k DPS + near-perfect resists + 10k HP + mad mobility = Everything DEADEDDED.

It just takes forever and a day to farm the gear for it. Never doing that again.

I’m curious where those kinds of tips are coming from. Please explain in simple terms how 2H Rifle will greatly increase your survival when compared to dual pistols.

Do you have a link to your build? I am always curious about how people build their dual wield pistol builds.

Let me know if that link doesn’t work.

That build was the most frustrating to gear for, but a bit of trading and dumb luck got the job done.

EDIT: On devotions, take one pt out of Abomination (might), and keep the red crossroad. I felt I could benefit from the 5% HP more than an 8s hp buff with a 16 sec CD.