Newbie Needs Help With Build

Honestly, I have no clue where to go with this build. I am hoping someone can guide me in the right direction.

Thanks for any advice you can give!

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Welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

The question is - what do you want to be? A full petmancer or not?

Have a look here for non-pet beginner builds.

And here for pet ones.


Thank you very much! And I am unsure because I can really roll with anything but my best D3 character has been my necromancer using pets, so maybe that should be my thing. I do like to have some type of decent attacking ability (ranged or melee, doesn’t matter)

While combining Pets and Player damage is possible, it is extremely hard to pull that off at later stages of the game and even then, you will end up with a much less powerful build than if you had focused on either pets or the player instead of both.

So, if you must “attack” with your character, summoners here don’t really do that as their job primarily is to buff their pets and debuff enemies while the pets do the actual killing.

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It can be done, but you probably need specific gear to make it work and a good understanding of the game mechanics. I wouldn’t try it if this is your first playthrough of the game. Save that for another character later on when you’ve farmed up the necessary gear and know where you’d be likely to hit problems with a hybrid.

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So what build would you recommend for a beginner that wants to be good in the endgame?

Either go pure pets, or ditch the pets and focus on the player side of things.

If you must have pets, there are “player scaled” pets, which scale off of your damage instead of “pet damage”. So, that is also an option.

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You have this for a non-pet build

and this if you want a pet Ritualist.


if you are not going pets, spend some time testing skills a bit and see what you want. I like to play fresh characters already somewhat what I like to do. So I would put points in spectral wrath and go early primal strike ignore the relic


I like that idea, maybe even make multiple characters up to level 5 or so and see what strikes my fancy lol thank you guys for the help, much appreciated!!!

Okay gents, I did like suggested and put all of my points into this build:

Here’s my guy:

But I keep getting steam rolled, am I doing something wrong?

You’re maxing skills too early; you should be climbing the mastery bars more as they help with your survival. No need for Reaping Strike, Spectral Binding, Brute Force or Feral Hunger to be maxed at this early stage of the game. Even Savagery doesn’t need to be. L15 and L5 in masteries at level 34 is just asking to die.

Oh wow, I have a lot to learn… so what are is L15 and L5?

Nvm, I see what you mean… that’s embarrassing lol what should the progression look like then?

Well, I usually just put a point into a skill as I reach the ones I want and the rest into the mastery bar/s. Skeletons I’d max out early though and also the Undead Legion skill if I’m using them as a petmancer. Early game maxed out skellies can carry you quite comfortably.

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Okay, my though process was totally wrong then. I thought more powerful skills (maxed) were the way to go, especially if some of them were doing decent regeneration numbers. And I went away from the pet build, I’m going to try the one you mentioned above.

That only applies if you are going pure pets, since the player is not going to be doing anything other than buffing/debuffing, you can get away without putting points into mastery bar.

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