Newbie question

Hello players ! I just wanted to know if the character building system is as much complicated than Path Of Exile because i’m a pretty casual guy who don’t
necessarily want to make a pretty complicated build, I just want to jump in and build my own way (staying logic of course) and this is why I stopped playing PoE because it was too painful to build a character because of the complexity of the passive tree

Hey Retro,

not as complex as POE’s skilldrasil, but different complexity though :slight_smile:

POE’s skilldrasil boiled down to optimising a path of health nodes close to some other stuff you wanted.

In Grim Dawn, the complexity comes from which 2 classes you want to smoosh together, which damage type you want to build around (this matters and there are waaaay more damage types than in POE).

The second layer of complexity comes from the devotion tree, which until you get the hang of it can be very daunting trying to find what you want, however, it is well ordered, and after a while you start to get the hang of it. Until then, look at the classes section and steal a devotion setup that looks like it would suit your build.

Third layer in Grim dawn is itemisation, which is waaaaaay better than POE’s, as it doesn’t require you to have the 0.000001% perfect drop to keep being relevent further into the game. However, it still does (like POE) require you to choose items that help your resistance/mana regen/health regen/ max health/ damage. Don’t get hung up on Blues!! sometimes a yellow or green is better than a blue at the time :slight_smile:

So, yes Grim dawn is complex, but not needlessly so. And if you want to have a sneak peak, look in the builds section on the forum, and you can see the current meta for point distribution between offensive skills and passive/defensive skills.

I hope you give it a go and really enjoy :slight_smile: I know I am :smiley: (Waaaaaaaaay better than grindfest for nothing POE). :slight_smile:

I don’t play PoE so I can’t commend, but I’ve seen the passive tree before and it certainly looks a hell of a lot more confusing than GDs. The skill choices in the classes themselves are pretty straight forward even for newer players imo. The devotion tree will be a bit overwhelming at 1st when you have no clue where anything is, but once you learn the layout a bit it becomes quite simple

Jumping in and making your own build will definitely work if you throw together something decent. I was a total arpg noob when I started this game and did well for myself even when Ultimate used to be noticeably more difficult

what can be descent with a soldier ?