"Newbie" questions for Blademaster (need advice/help/comments)

That’s why you need to follow my guide to a letter :slight_smile:

Here you have two major things that are bringing you down. First, for some reason you haven’t invested in War Cry. You need it, especially for shards. Don’t invest into Markovian Advantage, it’s a single target wps that is only worth 1 point with all your skill bonuses to it.

Secondly, just 10% slow res. You are being slowed to a grinding halt by debuffs meaning that your attack speed and adtch drops a lot.

You also need Serenity with %DA roll here, 2700 DA is a bit low for a build like that.

https://www.grimtools.com/calc/eZPME0dN - here is how it should look with your current set of gear. If you can’t craft Serenity with %DA bonus, use one Ravager’s Eye augment (from Barrowholm) in sword.

I have also noticed that your Assassin’s Mark was unbound. Maybe it’s just grimtools bug, but if it’s indeed unbound in-game it can be a big reason why you keep dying.


Missing still quite a few items to test your build but working on it, found blue boots already

I see! I could add those 30 DA augments instead of some resistances. As of now I have all resistances at least 30% over maximum… Maybe I could get them to ~20% and add 90 DA (3 of those augments).
For Serenity… I have made 8 of them in total but none had 4% to all attributes or DA bonus. Is there some trick to this how to get it? Some specific blacksmith or it’s completely random and I have to make them until I get it?

Assassin’s Mark is bound to Belgothian’s Strikes as you recommended! Must be some bug…

And again, thanks for all the help!

I was amazed by how big of a difference it made in game… feeling really stupid for believing it was “just 3% difference” and not 15%… But yeah, will keep Will of the Blade and try to get up my DA. For starters I will craft new Belgo helm that has DA or Physique bonus instead of Armor bonus, as well as new Really Great Pants with the same bonus.

GD-stash, otherwise its random

You have to realize, that most builds posted here are in someway not 100% legit

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Better use weapon augment for DA than sacrifice res with armor augments.

Just unlucky. When I played legitimately, I cheesed my big crafts like helmets or relics by copying back saves untill I got rolls I needed. It’s isn’t fair, but at that point I got tired from all the RNG that comes with crafting.


Mad lee could you see what was wrong or right on this blademaster?

Yeah makes sense now… after so many Serenity crafted and days of farming for that I’m out of nerves. Most painful for me is Ugdenbloom and Aether Crystals to farm. Ugdenbloom is not even that unreasonable, faming Ancient Grove and getting legendaries and all while at it, but Crystals… I’m about to check that GD stash and add some crystals maybe. I even destroyed couple of good items just to get component inside cos I didn’t wanna farm crystals and bloom again (it was my 2nd Mythical Reaver’s Claw that I miss now to test out Shattered version of Blademaster)

I am afraid tho that it doesn’t ruin my game… When I used gear room in Titan Quest before the game got boring to me very fast… farming for gear and trying to get it is sort of what drives me and part of the fun (as long as it’s not Aether Crystal farming -.- )

Will add some crystals and maybe couple of blooms with that stash

Will do, thanks! For now it was Solael’s augment in weapons, but until I get Serenity with DA bonus and helmet, necklace and pants with +physique % which should be enough not to die like this I will do as you suggested

Don’t forget to add War Cry, man!

nothing wrong, just a super tanked up version. I’d say get NB’s belt and second Belgo slicer. And most importantly - restless remains in gloves. It’s a huge survival tool for builds like that.

@Toymachine that is how the Gdstah addiction starts :wink:

You were new to the game right? I would just be happy about the char so far and make new ones. Farming becomes more fun when you have options.

Some builds are of course 100%legit but are made by ppl who have insane game time and wealth and/or luck. Or builds are not optimized 100% or they dont need to be optimize to function as desired. Dw pierce blademaster require fine tuning to a high degree

Yeah pretty “new”, already 240 hours in game tho, but only one character so far, this Blademaster and looking at how much veterans play this 240 hours seems like nothing.
This covid isolation gave me a good excuse to play it. I’m literally playing like 6-8 hours a day if not even more sometimes. :smiley:

Yeah, will create a new Dervish char since I generally love rogueish dual wield builds… also thinking about Infiltrator but Infiltrator seems a bit too similar to my Belgo blademaster, so some poison/acid Dervish will probably be my next char.

Still for now I will find 2nd Mythical Reaver’s Claw which is the only part missing from testing Shattered variant, Mythical Arcane Harmony Leggings blueprint (it’s a random drop?) and maybe tweak a little bit more this BM

As for Stash… I might add crystals only since it’s very slow and painful to farm them. Found fairly good way to farm in warden’s rift in 1st region but it’s just a mindless run from crystal to crystal, very boring. Hope I don’t get used to it and destroy my game with that stash

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All drops are random unless it says “MI” in the upper right corner.

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Finally got DA on Serenity, 9th try!

And realized I had Mythical Blackwatch Seal all along (I had two of them, kept all blue trinkets from the start)… it does seem to give better stats to some extent than Bladetwister Signet (Bladetwister does give higher attack speed, but I am at 198% anyways and got couple of skills that increase speed, including Pneumatic, skill from Belgo Sigil, skill from Boots, skill from Belgo set, etc.).

However, no skill on Seal makes me wonder if Signet might be worth considering… it seems pretty good:

And that attack speed bonus, even tho irrelevant when buffed might make a big difference when I get debuff from boss?

Anyways, placed Blackwatch Seal for now, gives more OA, at 3521 atm (defense is 2814 now with Serenity when self buffed)


It has probably been said before, though I think Shattered Realm + 2xMythical Reaver Claw allow to add 26/16 Ring of Steel in rotation as additional source of damage, whereas Belgothian setup uses RoS as 1-pointer for devotion activation.

I’m obviously still a newb and I dont get isn’t it better to make devotion skills attached to skills that activate off default weapon attacks? They have 20%-25% to proc, and there are 4 attacks per second (3.94)… Aren’t devotion skills going to proc faster with them then with active skill like Ring of Steel that has 3 seconds recharge time? My math might be bad tho…

Most devotion skills will have the minimum chance to proc on WPS, around 15-25%. Even in the best case of getting one of each WPS per second, that’s 4-5 seconds between each devotion activation.

But isn’t it better to get WPS per 1 second than to get one idk Blade Spirit per 5 seconds or Ring of Steel per 4 seconds? I still don’t get it… It does proc more often even at 20% chance to proc than other active skills

Hey, finally got the blueprint for Mythical Arcane Harmony Leggings, and I have thoroughly compared them to Really Great Pants.


  • 168 cunning more (which translates into 99 OA for me; you named as one of the main reasons for AHL that it has Spirit that translates into Cunning, but RGP have even more Spirit, and Cunning)
  • 12% dodge more
  • 1725 hp more
  • 6% movement speed more (irrelevant unless boss casts debuff?)
  • 25% more resistances (which is even more cos it’s Aether on AHL that I already have overcapped by a lot cos of other gear)
  • 151 higher DPS (even tho AHL do have dmg bonus, seems that huge Cunning difference adds more)


  • 117 DA
  • Skill Disruption Protection (not sure if I was disrupted ever, is that protection from Grava’Thul?)

So is so much that Really Great Pants give, including more dmg, higher OA, much more Cunning, health, resistances, dodge worth it over 117 DA and skill distruption?

Anyways, I understand that for your specific build you placed AHL as better (maybe you didn’t have so much overcapped Aether cos of necklace so difference in resistance was in favor of AHL) or had lower DA cos of boots/necklace so DA on AHL was go to) but just thinking about it and comparing stuff, trying to learn more about the game and how to adapt to different builds :slight_smile:

Anyways here are my end results:

ahl rgp

Obviously effectiveness of res of a certain item depends on your other gear pieces.

Skill disruption is huge for build like that. Don’t forget that Harmony does give damage. And one of the reason they are bis because they cover DA hole in super agressive setups like mine.

Proc on Really Great Pants can be really annoying for melee too.

Imo Arcane harmony pants are better choice and probably best for farming. Skill disruption protection is usefull not only in Crucible, grava’thul or some strong hero pack with disruption + healers as example may kill you if you don’t recognize every enemy fast enough and don’t position yourself. Barbaros pants are better if you push high sr/fight celestials because of better potential for 1vs1, more armor and physical resistances.

I would consider switching boots for Final March or Magelord Greaves (first choice better in terms of defense). You really need slow resistances on meele like that because a lot of your survivality comes from lifesteal, if you are slowed your leech comes down a lot of. Next thing is if you want to disengage in some bad situation you are running very slow too. Try to reach at least 70% slow resistances (80% best), Egellon blacksmith is your best choices for crafting until you cap slow resistances, then Kaylon for other stun/freeze.

But Windshear Greaves give me more DA, ~1/4 of all time I have 60% dodge chance increased, as well as higher physcial resistance. I did try Final March, but I have noticed I am actually a bit more fragile with them (probably due to DA difference and less phys resistance?) as well as noticeably less dmg and 2 skill points less as cherry on top.

Is that slow resistance so much more important than more DA, 60% trap resist, noticeably more dmg, skill that adds 60% dodge and attack speed, and +2 to Whirling Death?

Maybe I rolled bad on Final March tho, here is how mine look:

I will try them again tho of course! Never seen Magelord Greaves but will keep an eye on them and test them out as soon as they drop! :slight_smile:

As for not to forget that Harmony does give dmg - Really Great Pants give even more dmg by adding 168 more cunning than Harmony, it gives 68.5% pierce and 68.5% physical dmg - that is more than what Harmony gives (at least mine that rolled on +64%). Next to that it does give quite large increase in OA which does give further even more dmg than already greater base dmg on RGP? Idk if I missed something…

But yeah, had no clue skill disruption is so big deal, and I do like increase in DA (tho not sure if it’s worth over 12% dodge + 1725 health increase, and slight increase in speed of killing enemies that’d do dmg for longer by having slightly more dmg and more OA?).

Anyways will test for sure further after I make 2-3 more in hope for a better roll today!

Thanks a lot guys! :slight_smile: