Newbie with some questions

Hey guys, I hope this is in the right place. I just bought the game yesterday with the expansion pack, loving it so far I am pretty hooked. I’m only level 15 at the moment so maybe it is too early for asking questions but I want to make sure I’m not gimping myself as I hate re-rolling and starting from scratch on a build.

I am playing as a dual wield gunslinging Inquisitor/Occultist. I’ve had to respec a few times as I read more in the skill tree and figure out the direction I want to take my character. I’ve decided I am going to focus on Chaos and Fire damage as their seems to be some synergy between the classes for those two damage types. I’ve been using mostly just auto attack enhancing skills so far, the ranged specialty from inquisitor and the Occultist persistent buff to auto attack to name a couple.

As far as attributes, should I be balanced between Cunning and Spirit, or am I going about things wrong? I am most worried about this as I haven’t seen an option to respec these. I know cunning is needed for prereqs on guns, but Spirit boosts the Chaos and Fire damage, right? I don’t want to neglect physique either, but I also don’t see this guy wearing heavy armor. The gear I have been finding so far that boosts magic type damage hasn’t had very high physique requirements.

If I have a pet that does Fire and/or Chaos damage, will that pet benefit from my gear buffs to those damage types?

Also still looking at the devotions trees, not totally sure where to throw points there yet but at least I can respec those.

Thanks for any help, would have linked my current build but the calculator I found didn’t seem to have the new classes in them yet.

Build calc here:
Put most of your attribute points in physique, it by far the most useful attribute.
Only put points in the other 2 if you need to meet item requirements.
I don’t have any pointers on a deceiver gunslinger, but the lack of an auto attack replacer will hurt your devotion proccing.
Mistborn talisman relic or shard of beronath component can help there as they both offer an auto attack replacer.