Newcomer needing help with a build

Hey guys. I’ve already looked at the build compendium but there’s a bunch of builds in there that can’t do gladiator at all. So, I come here to ask you guys if you’d like to help me create a strong build I personally love.

Here is the theme of my build with some skills I like. But again, maybe the skills are garbage so please let me know!


  • Auto-attacks
  • Lifesteal
  • Chaos
    Skills I like:
  • Soleal’s Witchfire
  • Posession
  • Shadow Strike

Please let me know guys :slight_smile:

You have to be little bit more specific about things that you are asking.
Do you want to go ranged or melee? Do you want chaos to be your main type of dmg, or?
Do you want that your setup have all those skills you like?
If you do you have to make Witch hunter,…

Think outside the box for me here, you could even suggest a shaman/elementalist build.

Like I said, those are a few skills I like. So no, my setup doesn’t “need” to have all those skills but it would be a bonus. My playstyle is always melee, preferrably with stealth. That means I am squishy so a fun compensator is life-leech.

But more specifically to Grim Dawn, I like Chaos damage, Fire damage and Vitality damage. I don’t like Cold Damage all that much. But it doesn’t matter man, like I said just hit me up with some suggestions :stuck_out_tongue:

Huh, to many things I could suggest, but closest one I could think of and pretty much satisfy all your needs is something Jägermeister posted on 2nd page of this thread Its a chaos WH.

He posted a video killing a campaign hero. What does that mean compared to Crucible?

Well that’s a nemesis, one of the toughest bosses in the game. Since he can facetank it in Ultimate where the monster are harder than in crucible, it implies that you can kill it in gladiator crucible too