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How can Valguur’s Hunger set become a functioning Bleeding set?

One of the reasons Bleeding damage is so niche is because pure Bleeding builds is basically 50 shades of Bloodrager. Meanwhile Valguur has Bleeding damage on all pieces and Bleeding damage bonus for two-piece combo (even some bleeding damage on its off-hand’s proc). What’s stopping it from being a functioning Bleeding set already? Well, the skills it supports don’t have bleeding damage except Siphon Souls. All while two of three masteries that Valguur supports have Bleeding resist reduction and Shaman has a bleeding exclusive skill.

So what can be done?

Add bleeding damage mods to Storm Totems, Sigil of Consumption and Siphon Souls.

Now I know I have just been campaigning for more interesting mods for Bleeding items in this very thread. But the nature of Storm Totems, SoC an SS is that they don’t really need radius/duration mods as Bleeding sources (well SoC needs it but how much SoC needs to become a decent skill is another topic). So here it’s a question of adding adequate “x bleeding damage in y seconds”. Now of course values for ST should be the lowest as Totems will stack it while values for SoC should be very high.
All those values can be adjusted during another play test.

EDIT: Adding -15% bleeding resist to Siphon Souls as a set bonus (to mirror -15% vitality resist bonus it has) would also go a long way here.

But why bother with adding this stuff so late in the game?

First of all, should be very easy to do. Just add x bleeding in y seconds bleeding mods and copy translations from existing x bleeding in y seconds mods. Secondly, Bleeding damage could really use some diversity. And Valguur set is already half way there.


Valguur as another “new” bleeding set would indeed be very cool to have!
Great idea imo!

While we’re at it there’s also this super cool “blood sigil fx” some enemies use… maaaaaaaaaaaaybe add that too should valguur indeed become a bleeding set. :face_holding_back_tears:


Definitely a great suggestion since the set is thematic to that, but on top of that I would also like to add… Please casting speed on the gloves so we can actually sustain the skill rotation… Same issue with dark one too.


I would like to second that.
Adding some cs % on gloves wouldnt break or blow the sets outa the water but greatly increase the feel of gameplay & QoL.

I am not sure what is going on here, but since the birb was summoned, for those looking into cold pets using Bys trinkets -

Boro already linked my lazy budget pet conjurer for those who just want to run around and collect loot most of the time. The endgame version of that -

In the AoM era you could summon 2x Birbs with just a single item - Mythical Will of Bysmiel - Items - Grim Dawn Item Database
You could combine it with full Beastcaller for 2x Familiars + 2x Briarthorns and this was when Birbs had 100% all resistances by default and you could summon both with a single click.

Forgotten Gods saw the 2x Birbs thing being moved to a full set and when I was killing superbosses and doing SR with mono class pet builds (Birb Occultist), I made the mistake of asking a certain someone to let us start in higher shards in SR (which much later came as Death’s Waystone) and he was like “hm… birbs have too much resistances and it is from a bygone era, so lets nerf that”.

I still haven’t recovered from it.

Winterking weapon cold pet trickster - Many have tried, including myself, but while I cannot comment on its current state, it was underwhelming back then. I have no idea why.



A bit offtopic, but this player recently did a decent job of winterking pets. All content is a fair milestone.

It was a interesting use of a full set that typically would never see use outside of the meta pet build where the set adds an extra mastery summon to the team. And it is an example within the discussion many posts back on this thread - about pet items uses and not all are straight-forward.


Some thoughts from an ex-Path of Exile player that started this a couple of months ago:

Quality of life improvements are some of the most welcome, but least thought about improvements. A couple of things that could make the game much better/less annoying:

  1. Make buffs persistent through death and logout/login.
  2. Make non-duration based pets persistent through death and logout/login.
  3. Make a way to reset a specific zone so you don’t have to quit and start over the game again. I don’t know how major of a change this would, given how the named spawn system works in the game.

Leech feels too strong, and also feels more or less mandatory for almost every melee type build. Conversely, health regen feels very weak and not worth the trade offs except for specific builds.

For the lost souls set, consider adding in some summon skeleton CDR or +summon amount, as in SR70+ any boss with good AOE damage shreds them. The set takes up the same item slots that monster infrequents that would bridge the gap use.


Pet hybrid?
and with those stats and performance?


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Two more thoughts:

Un-equipable items are marked red. Epic quality items are blue. This makes the red on blue look a lot like the purple of Legendary. Consider moving Legendary to another color, like orange? Also I would move quest items to a different color than rare crafting mats.

Remove the Heroic Spoils. All it does is mean I occasionally miss out on some loot due to the chaos. If it’s meant to solve the issue of too many items on the screen, SR shows that’s not too much of a problem, and you could always have the loot total up bits and other stackable items into a single drop rather than spooling out.

We don’t know how to save a two-handed summoner,and a no-set’s set .can we as described summon the giant white wolf?
Please Mr. zantai to have mercy northern king and give some bouns to this set.
冬王哭 Small, pathetic, helpless cry

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what… SR and Heroic spoils have nothing todo with eachother
aside from SR loot room being a fixed “static”/non action empty room, heroic spoils isn’t there to reduce clutter, it’s an RNG “container” for loot rewards dropped by enemies that otherwise would drop fixed/static loottable loot, that would need to be assigned to (all) the enemies direct
when you pop a heroic spoils orb you roll chance from like you’re opening good chests, about items generated “in the moment”; be it components, materials or epics/legendaries, removing them would reduce loot/rewards for (other) players
if you are missing out on loot from chaos, then “slow down” ?

A problem i noticed myself and want to address for the next patch is related to the way aegis bounces. The way it chooses targets and the ranges for it to bounce are sometimes inconsistent. Like for example for example i often noticed that in most cases in doesn’t reach the maximum number of bounces stated in the tooltip resulting in overall damage loss, its aoe radius provided is pretty small requiring the mobs to be stacked on top of eachother and last but not least, there are cases where it would bounce from a mob to another with decent range between them, and sometimes it would bounce from on mob to another being at close range one to another. As some evidence, i’m not the only one that noticed this aspect:


EDIT Last but not least, please replace the skill energy cost reduction on 3rd node with something of more significant use. The skill itself isn’t too demanding on energy.

Can we have permament Wind Devils? Maybe with base spawn limit of 1 (or a transmuter that makes them permement but gives -2 summon limit). I know the issue might be the Maelstrom but with limitations to spawn limit that should subside.


3 x maelstrom “can’t” have been the factor for why we don’t have perma devils by now
both because other pets exist that stack dot/multi attacks, like blade spirits or empys
but also, maelstrom actually gets increased dmg on summoning devils over and, and gets “less” (final total) dmg with 3 devils that are permanent/doesn’t get resummoned

I would just like the option to scale the damage number’s up without affecting the UI. I like to see the damage pop up :slight_smile:
(Also maybe an option for the map to stay uncovered in different difficulties if you’ve already discovered everything in normal, as it can be a tad tedious going through it all again.)
Oh, and color changes/rainbow mod effects so it’s less confusing for me to see upgrades, especially the rare prefix and suffix or whatever.

I am aware that this may fall within the ‘screaming into the void’ category, and if it does, that’s fine! But I will try anyways :slight_smile:

I love OFF, but dislike that it is basically unusable against freeze resistant enemies (most if not all bosses and some normal mobs). It is good design that OFF does not freeze bosses, and I won’t ask for a change here. What I would like, however, is that the cold damage and freeze duration were not tied together. Instead, that the two effects are separate, so that freeze resistant enemies still take the full duration of cold damage (and maybe fire res reduction?)

I have no idea if this would be overpowered, feel free to convince me that OFF is in a good spot at the moment.

I think it would be very interesting to have Shaman +2 on the Mythical Soullance
ranged vit primal in conjunction with Rotgheist, isn’t that exciting?

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Big “problem” is ranged PS of any flavor is vortex of souls or deal with slow pack clearing at end game, so would need a bit extra to goose it. Same with the green MI rifle, but Z has been resistant to ranged PS radius mods and adding passthrough to the MI broke the game :joy:

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You can get ranged vitality PS with VoS + Rylok Mark.

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I did another Defiler experiment: Aether Retaliation Defiler. I haven’t had much time yet to test it properly but first impressions are surprisingly good. Surprising, primarily, because I genuinely didn’t know that damage conversion works directly on retaliation damage. I always just assumed it only worked on RtA, for some reason…

However, it hurt to have to take suboptimal gear for the chest and shoulder slots, just to fill out the Fire to Aether conversion. I would have loved to use Mythical Divinesteel Hauberk for example. Could the damage conversion to Spectral Binding on the amulet be increased, or maybe a similar mod to Flame Touched be added somewhere?