niche save file question

i bought the aom expansion awhile ago when it was on sale, not intending to install it but forgot to disable autoupdate

when i figured out what had happened i went looking for, and thankfully easily found, an uninstall option that reverted to my old save files

i’ve played the base game since a fair amount and have aquired new gear and characters which, when i decided to play the expansion today, mostly transitioned, but many items did not
it seems to be a mix of what i had today before i installed the expansion, and what i had when i mistakenly installed it months ago…

my question is can i reset the aom expansion so it just uses what i have in the base game today?

i have the crucible installed ,haven’t used any mods or file editors with grim dawn, don’t know what cloud is and currently have the aom expansion uninstalled until i decide which way i want to go…

a pre thanks for your time

that should be impossible, it should either be a complete transfer or stay whatever it was when you had AoM installed, not a mix. So I guess it is the char you had when you installed AoM.

my question is can i reset the aom expansion so it just uses what i have in the base game today?

there should be two save files per char, one starting with _ that AoM uses and one starting with __ (two _) that vanilla uses. If you deleted the _ dir (I would not delete it, but move it to a different dir to be safe…), AoM should transfer the vanilla file again

k, i have located where those files are, what about the items that were in storage though, is there another save file location for that?

if it had just been the items on a character or the items in the vault i probably would’ve just not bothered about it, having both revert to older versions is a bit of a lumpy stump, and thanks for the info

you mean the shared stash ? there should be a transfer.gst or .gsh (HC) in save (while the chars are in save\main). Also move that

All other items are stored in the char files

my computer doesn’t read gsh files and while a free file viewer is available we’re getting outside of my comfort zone (reads: plug and play)

i’m thinking making a new character, putting the stuff i want to keep on it, and then installing the expansion will be an easier route, if i’ve got the mechanics down right…

Not sure what you are talking about. These files are the shared stash of GD, GD reads them… apart from that you can obviously move them to a different dir with Windows Explorer, it does not need to understand the file format to do so - it’s not like it understood player.gdc when you copied the chars :wink: