Nidalla's Hidden Hand DOT component

So nidalla’s Hidden hand is a skill modifier to belgothian’s shear, amarasta quick cut, and whirling death. The conversion, flat acid, acid&poison multiplier, and slow target is quite clear.

However, what about the flat poison damage? If I have put points in BS, AQC, WD, and NHH; does the poison DOT damage in the BS, AQC, and WD as a result from NHH modifier, will count as separate sources and will stack accordingly?

Thanks in advance!

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I’m curious on this too, though I think yes, cause NHH is usually maxed on poison auto attack builds and I don’t see the conversion as that significant.

I think so too, we still need confirmation from Nightblade specialist though…
I have been trying to build venomlash witch hunter, but haven’t understood fully the mechanics behind Nightblade wps and its modifier.

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Could be wrong here, but I don’t think it does. Since pierce has no DoT component, you can’t convert it to poison damage. Therefore, the poison damage will come from NHH itself and not from the WPS.

Similarly, the AS reduction does not stack.

NHH add flat acid and poison damage separately, in addition to Pierce conversion.

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doubt dot stacks, Just gives a e high chance to crit having it on 3 wps

I think this will be the case, the DOT component from NHH will count as the same source, thus doesn’t stack.
It would be too OP if it’s stacked…

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