Nightblade and what?

Just making a few characters. I did a Nightblade and sorcerer. Started a Nightblade and Oculist. Loving that one. Then I tried Shamman and Oculist. Liking that as well. I started a new Nightblade since the one I had before, I don’t like the female voice. I noticed I am around level 19 and I haven’t chosen my second class yet. I was going to pick Oculist again.

Just before I do, I have read so much, everything is starting to blur together. So I am asking should I try another class that I may not be aware of. I am not looking for over powered or must builds, but something that is fun. I picked Nightblade because of a self healing and that jumping strike ability. Not sure if it’s good but sure is fun.

I am not into the warrior, but what could I be missing? I was thinking of sorcerer again but got bored of missiles all the time. What am I missing there? Pyro (sorry forget the proper name) not sure. Since my Shamman and Oculist is my pet build, I don’t want pets, so what am I not seeing from using those builds?


Well, Nightblade has a complete line just for Dual Wield so this could be something for you.

Prominent choices would be Blademaster (with Soldier), Trickster (with Shaman), Infiltrator (with Inquisitor) or Dervish (with Oathkeeper). Reaper (with Necromancer) is a possibility, too.

Depends what damage you want to deal.I suggest cold build with support from Inquisitor,pierce with Soldier class as support or acid with Oathkeeper as secondary.Good thing is,whatever you decide,there’s beginners guides to help you!

In this post I will talk about strictly top-tier endgame options. If you are open to experimentation and don’t care about maxing performance then all classes have something nice. So, nightblade based builds are good at 2 things:

  • autoattack (the warrior thing you don’t like)

  • Phantasmal Blades (directional ranged cast with multiple projectiles)

For the former take inquisitor and go cold or pierce. You already got a witch hunter that is probably acid. If you wanna stick to acid take oathkeeper. There’s also shaman for cold. These three are currently offensively strongest autoattackers in the game. Sorry, forgot about soldier for pierce.

For Phantasmal Blades choose inquisitor for cold or stick with witch hunter for vitality. Problem with PB is that it’s more of an endgame option that’s hard to play without top shelf gear.

op says op likes the jumping strike ability of nightblade. yet op also dislike warrior (is this soldier class? or melee autoattack playstyle?).
does a nightblade focusing into shadow strike means their playstyle’s restricted to melee autoattack?

it’s dervish (acid) or infiltrator (cold or pierce). Maybe trickster with a few sets once you have them or the blueprints+essences

When I say I don’t like Warrior, I mean I don’t see anything that stands out for me. This is why I asked to see what I am not seeing. :slight_smile:

As for auto attack, poison, cold, I am not familiar with how they work yet. I didn’t even know there is an auto attack.

The reason I mentioned jumping strike is because it is fun (for now, of course too much of something can get boring later) but all I am looking for are fun abilities.

I will look again what the warrior (or is it called the soldier class?) a bit more. I guess I was looking at offensive abilities and didn’t pay attention what else the warrior has to offer.

So much to read. After reading for about two hours, everything starts to blur in. That is why I ask here, someone can point something out that is different or stands out. Also reading builds is only from one person’s opinion or view. I like to read other people’s opinions and view as well. While for some, people have fun max/min while others have fun at less optimized combos but still lead to fun games. :slight_smile:

After reading what people said about synergies I ended up choosing the pyromacyer class. Sorry again if I got the name wrong. Not sure if it’s a good choice or not, but I am having fun and always more room to make more characters.

Thank you everyone for helping me out. There is still so much to learn. Haven’t even got to the constellations yet.

Pyromancer,yes Demolitionist and Occultist.I wrote in guides section about build synergies.Also there’s guide about devotions.

If you need any help,you can check them!