Nightblade Combo's

Alright so I have played next to no Nightblade based build’s though have decided after a two week vacation from the game to come back and try one got the Nightblade mastery maxed and been using Blade Spirit and Breath but was wondering what might be some good combo’s for a Melee or Melee/Caster Nightblade? I would like to hear all my options and which ones are the easier ones for people new to Nightblade build’s.

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Pierce blademaster is a good combo (+soldier that is). It has good item, devotion and skill support.

You must of been watching the forums I just posted this heh. Blademaster was one of my thoughts but I saw a lot about it not being good atleast for people new to Nightblades being a bit harder.

Blademaster is probably the easiest DW nightblade to play without gear.

For damage type you have the options: Cold, Pierce and Acid. For cold you want either Inquisitor or Shaman as support class. For pierce definitely Soldier. And for acid- Oathkeeper and then Occultist but it’s tougher.

Nightblade is primarily Dual Wield melee character. You can still do caster ofc.

for nightblade, you can go also for chaos - then Occultist and Rah’Zin’s set is your choice.
Witch Hunter (NB+Occ) and Reaper (NB+Necro) are also nice choice but need some straight hands tp play.
The easiest one is probably Blademaster, as was said.
And the worst choice is probably Demo.

Trickster with Bleeding is a viable combination, too.

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Yeah Demo wasn’t gonna be my choice it was the one I was going to exclude never been a big fan of demo not sure why. I’ll ask what do you mean need straight hands to play? Well by Melee/Caster I more meant a mix of Melee combat and some spells more like a hybrid over pure caster. There seem’s to be quite a good few choices…

Most of the Nightblade combos are pure melee, although you make some casts like Ring of Steel or Wind Devils/Swarm if you do Trickster.

Bur real hybrid between melee and caster is Silver Sentinel Rune of Haggard Infiltrator.

“need straight hands to play” means “requires a fair degree of build piloting skill”.

If you consider things like Shadow Strike and Ring of Steel a cast then any Nightblade build with these would probably qualify as a melee/caster hybrid.

So what would be good devotions for A Pierce Blademaster,and a Chaos Witch Hunter (Also debating on Poison/Acid WH but more or less know its devotions) Devotions are mostly where I have my issues its a bit overwhelming.

For pierce other than RR good ones are Blades of wrath, Nadaan and Azraaka.

Chaos is possible only if you have full RahZin set. Then your goal is to include both Abomination and Dying God.

Alright so chose blademaster working pretty well right now so am happy with it right now my Devotions are more defense oriented (Worked my way to Giant’s blood and Dryad’s blessing for extra healing).

I’d say:

  1. Pierce blademaster
  2. Pierce infiltrator
  3. Bleeding trickster
  4. Long nothing
  5. Cold infiltrator
  6. Acid dervish
  7. Cold trickster
  8. Acid witchhunter
  9. Entering the realm of the meme
  10. Chaos which hunter?
  11. Cold spellbreaker (actually good but only max green)
  12. Cold/acid reaper

Did I say you could enter my domain?

This is an interesting build. Care to share grimtools? :rofl: :rofl:

Oi, where is Sabo???

These guys underestimate the power of the Sabotage.

I have a bleed/vit damage spec I’m playing around with that builds off occultist. Does okay, but probably isn’t super great for higher difficulties.
Throw (altered) knives, hit with pox. Run around screaming waiting for things to die. Good fun.

Phantasmal blades is one of my favorite builds no doubt about it. And Occultist is nice support class too.

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