Nightblade daggers should spawn from the middle

I’ve been having an issue with my Nightblade (Focusing on Phantasmal Blades and Blade trap) where my attacks will randomly not go anywhere. I discovered that it’s because they spawn from my character’s right hand – though not always at the same spot. There appear to be two different spawn locations, but both are off-center and can be absorbed by obstacles that I think the attack will clear.

Here are some scenarios that this has caused problems in, that would not happen if the throw launched from the center:

  1. Daggers blocked by wall next to me
  2. Missing enemy right in front of me
  3. Harder to kite counter-clockwise around a pillar
  4. Random rubble unexpectedly blocking throws

I’ve made a couple in-game screenshots (Sorry for the graphics, was trying to minimize load on a potato machine) and then diagrams of the four situations listed. The image is available here:

If this could be updated, it would help make the Nightblade dagger attacks more intuitive for successfully landing the projectiles.

Edit: This applies to any projectiles that are spawned from off to the side, this is just the only one that I’ve played enough to notice so far.

I totally second this.

I would be ok with a lower damage but faster cast rate/easier to use Blade Trap.

Blade Trap would be much better if,

-it had better targeting
-did not trigger cooldown on a miss
-did something other than immobilizing on bosses as most are immune to it because it is a strong debuff

I agree that blade trap does have some issues – I’d like to be able to throw the dagger without a target, since it triggers on hit, for instance – but I still feel like the first priority is making it so the dagger actually flies along the expected path instead of clipping walls at the edge.

I’ve not had this issue with any other projectiles, so it makes it a bit jarring to switch to my nightblade and suddenly have to keep track of which side is my character’s right hand.

That’s odd. Not that you’re having issues with the daggers hitting walls when you wouldn’t expect it, but that you didn’t have such issues with other projectiles.

I can only speak for my main character right now (ranged Sorcerer who uses Fire Strike as his main attack), but I’ve often seen those projectiles get “swallowed up” on walls or corners or door frames that they should be able to pass by.

I assume it’s an issue with those projectiles having rather large hit-boxes, registering a hit despite looking like it should be able to fly past. Of course, reducing the hit-boxes might cause other issues, like missing enemies you’d think you’d easily be able to hit. Not sure what the best solution would be there, but maybe a slight reduction would be okay.

I haven’t used Fire Strike so I don’t know where it spawns from (To see it easiest, aim straight up or down and launch the attack. If it’s off to the side, it will be absorbed if you’re standing close to blocking terrain on that side). The Nightblade dagger attacks, as can be seen in the screenshot, can spawn from a long way off to the right hand side though so the problem is really noticeable. Enough that I’ve stopped playing my dagger focused Nightblade for now.

That said, I just tested out Blackwater Cocktail, and it’s thrown noticeably left handed - if my character is up against a wall (on the left side) the cocktail sometimes auto-detonates right on him, without a chance to fly anywhere. Dreeg’s Evil Eye spawns more centrally, but a little bit off-center to the right.

These all should just spawn from the center, it will still look fine (Most directions you won’t even be able to see the difference) and clean up a lot of the unexpected impacts with terrain.

Have to agree with this. I have a shield in my left hand. When I throw BWC or Flash bang, the animation clearly shows I’m using my right hand to throw, but still the projectile is thrown from the left of my left hand.