Nightblade info

Hi, i need a few info about costellations skill that hit when you do a critic damage, like amatok spirit of winter. Putting point 1:1 in p and c will let me use that skill or will a need some special equipmannt for make it usable. My idea was to make a nightblade that will use cold and frostburn damege as my primary damage type.

No, you don’t need any special equipment, to proc blizzard from amatok all you need is a crit from the skill you bind blizzard to. The more offensive ability you have, the more crits you will get.

So the skill tha i will pick is this:
All dual wielding tree except NHH, Phantasmal blades and relative sinery, Blade Spirit, Shadow Strike + sy,Ring of steel + sy, Veil of Shadow + sy, Blade Barrier and some passive one for the stat. Wich one shall i coose for blizzard (or even tsunami)? Wich skill have more chance of doing a critic damage? Thanke you.

Skills don’t have individual chances to crit, all skills have the same chance of critting. Your crit chance depends on your offensive ability and the defensive ability of the enemy you are hitting. If you want to increase your crit chance, you need to increase your offensive ability either directly by gear or devotion, or indirectly by increasing your cunning. Lowering your targets defensive ability also helps if you can do that somehow.

So since all of your skills have the same crit chance, you should put them on skills that you use most often. Or in the case of weapon pool skills of dual blades, on the skills that have the biggest chance of proccing. If they all have the same proc chance, it doesn’t matter on what weapon pool skill you bind them.

Blade Spirit is interesting because the two summons have an independant cooldown, so each of them can proc a Blizzard.

Personally I bound Blizzard to Shadow Strike because Nightfall allows you to hit many targets, so that’s more chances to crit.