Nightblade + what?

I’ve been wanting to try out a nightblade and I’m trying to decide what to pair him with. Thinking reaper or trickster as I haven’t played necro or shaman at all either. Also considering spellbreaker, but I do have a battlemage already, and a low level sorcerer who I don’t really plan on leveling more right now.

Just looking for opinions on what you all think is more fun, more end game viable, has more build choices, etc. out of these? I’ve looked at all the build threads and seen various ones for each, I’m more curious which class you all enjoy more and why? Maybe one has better item choices/diversity, or better skill synergy, or something, I don’t know, that’s why I’m asking :slight_smile:

For campaign? Crucible? Nemesis farming?

Do you like melee? Casters? Ranged?

Do you enjoy drag racing? Slam poetry? Weightlifting?

I like my Trickster but I think Witch Hunter could be fun, too. :slight_smile:

I’m sure I’ll play through campaign all the way through ultimate, I’m sort of a completionist, but probably farming crucible (I’ve already got a purifier who can do this, and my battlemage should be able too once he’s leveled more).

They are gun/shield and melee/shield, so I’m thinking about going DW melee with this character.

Out of those choices if I had to pick it’d be drag racing.

Based on your quiz results the class for you is: cold SS Spellbreaker

(alternatively Reaper or Infiltrator, Trickster is more limited in my experience but good for bleed)

[edit] since you wanted reasons, SS spellbreakers mostly use the Arcanist mastery as support - Star Pact, Mirror etc. You could flip that around and make a Trozan’s build too. Inquisitor notwithstanding, that combination has the most cold support and there’s always OFF to play with.

In any case, Veil of Shadows + Night’s Chill with SS for bosses is more than enough to get you through Veteran, so you could mess around with Nightblade skills for ~50 levels and figure out which you like. When I decide on a new build/char, the most important thing is the playstyle; skill combinations I enjoy using. Spellbreaker’s a lot of fun, especially if you like crazy damage spikes and fast-paced gameplay.

I’d think cold trickster would be the high powered build of those options. It can do great damage with WPS’s, Blade Burst, and Savagery. Spellbreaker is going to suck if he doesn’t have a good default attack replacement, unless he plans to go Phantasmal blades, which lacks synergy with Arcanist.

Thanks for the input, I am leaning towards some sort of cold melee build, I’ll start the nightblade and fool with the skills to see what I like.